Reflections on the Daily News: And a Great Time Was Had by All-Almost

By Lewis Willis

As you read this, the great event is over. I trust you enjoyed it immensely. After all, you paid for it! To the tune of $5 million to be exact. It was the occasion in recognition of International Women’s Year. Houston was the site for the momentous gathering of approximately 2,000 delegates and observers. Each convention session in Sam Houston Coliseum was a full house. Security was heavy. So great was the event that 1,500 members of the world’s press corp were on hand to cover the unfolding story. And it was quite a story to tell the world.

The principle aim was to re-assert pressure for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. This was done hurriedly and overwhelmingly as the convention adopted the ERA resolution in its Saturday evening meeting. Then came the other proposed resolutions which are to be submitted to the President and Congress within 120 days. First Ladies Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford and Lady Bird Johnson were on hand to lend their endorsement and support to the work of the convention. Their presence was highly acclaimed and reported. And, they helped to accomplish the goals of the convention. However, some things were accomplished that likely will cause them and the leaders of ERA some troublesome moments in the next few months. At least, we can be optimistic!

A resolution favoring lesbian rights was introduced and heatedly debated from the floor. The Dallas Morning News, November 21, 1977, reported that “the resolution asked government bodies to enact legislation eliminating discrimination on the basis of sexual and affectional preference, reform laws that restrict private sexual behavior between consenting adults and prohibit consideration of sexual or affectional orientation as a factor in child custody cases.” They asked that the legislation concern itself with “employment, housing, public accommodations and the military.” In, other words, if adopted by Congress, you might very well have a lesbian teaching sex education to your grade school children! Live with that, if you can.

Upon adoption of the resolution by the ,convention, “homosexuals rushed into the aisles and; in the-spectator section, homosexual couples fell weeping into each other’s arms.” Helium filled balloons rose bearing the message, “We are everywhere.” It was a pitiful sight with hundreds of fanatical, hysterical, wild-eyed, liberal women high-handedly shouting over their wonderful victory. But, not all the women (there are certain qualifications for one to be called a lady) were so happy.

The opponents of the resolution, upon hearing of its passage, “bowed their heads in prayers.” The very cause which they had championed had reached out to bite and consume them. In defiance of the Law of the Lord, they had embarked on a course to release women from the restraints placed upon them by God. Now, finding themselves in trouble with their sinful deed, they wanted God’s help. But, His face is turned from this whole rotten mess! They sought to change His ordinance that preserves the sanctity of the home, the very cornerstone of order and society. How ironic that they would turn to God when their efforts produced propositions that would turn the Lord’s order into chaos.

One pragmatic delegate from Georgia said the lesbian proposal would be “an albatross around the neck” of the Equal Rights Amendment. One can only hope that she is right. Perhaps this, along with the abortion proposal endorsed by the convention, will cause enough people to open their eyes to the aims of ERA to defeat the amendment. Only three more states have to ratify it in order for it to become law. Maybe lawmakers can locate enough spine to vote against it. Our existence as a people might well depend upon their doing so. Ann O’Donnell, chairwoman of the Missouri delegation, termed the abortion proposal “destructive, unjust,” “the antithesis of the feminist movement to oppress the helpless.” She further said, “it is wrong of women to kill unborn children to solve their problems.” This is scriptural and reasonable. However, neither scripture nor reason prevailed in Houston as the maniacal event concluded. Truly, the opponents of this garbage were correct when they labeled it a “farce.” Unfortunately, most people are indifferent to such things until it is too late.

Truth Magazine XXII: 8, pp. 141-142
February 23, 1978