Robert Wayne La Coste Rests From His Labors

By Ron Halbrook

Bob La Coste was born 29 December 1948 and died 16 August1993 alter a long battle with a lung disease Brother La Coste died at the Methodist Hospital in Houston IX while awaiting a double lung transplant He is survived by his wile Carolyn and by two sans Bill (19 years old on 19 August) and Tim (12) HIs funeral was held on IS August at the Wonsley Drive Church of Christ In Austin, TX. where he has preached for the past ten years Bob was buried In the Memorial Hill Cemetery at Austin

Brother La Coste will be remembered for his faith, cour age, and dedication tothecause ofChrlst. I-fe will be missed in the Northwest where he has been holding gospel meet ings for small and struggling churches since 1976 In a recent report he said With my chronic lung condition its a simple cause of have oxygen tank, will travel but rather than slowing down, lam speeding up! Tim is olthe essence (Preaching Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the State of Washington,” Guardian of Truth, 3 June 1993, Pp. 336- 38). Bobcarried aportableoxygen tankwith him everywhere he went but continued preaching even when it was neces sary to sit down to preach more recently Never afraid or ashamed to earnestly contend for the faith,” Bob had several debates with denominational people and liberal brethren.

Brother Ken Vaughn and I have just returned from Bobs funeral. On 18 August the Wonsley Drive church building was filled with 300-400 people, including many gospel preachers. Joe Price of Layton, lJtah, who was converted by Bob and Carolyn, preached a lesson emphasizing the hope of the gospel and Harry Osborne of Alvin, TX, who is Carolyns brother, preached from 2 Timothy 4:1-5 on the preachers charge. About six songs were sung by the congregation. Dennis Scroggins, who preaches in Austin, read appropriate passages about the resurrection at the graveside.

Carolyn has exemplified great faith in God in her whole demeanor She was agreat source of strength to Bob as she expressed herlovesang praisesto God! and prayed forhim constantly. Her example i~ an inspiration to all who witnessed it during this trial. She delighted to repeat Bobs assurance, “It is going to get better one way or the other.” One of the last things communicated to Bob was the fact that his son Bill obeyed the gospel; Harry baptIzed him in a hotel swimming pool near the hospital. Bob Indicated that he understood, and smiled in reflection of his joy and thanksgiving. Carolyn is a school teacher and plans to begin almost immediately in teaching during the new term. Though she loved Bob dearly and will miss him greatly, she wants people who know her to see that Christians do not sorrow as others which have no hope.”

Those who wish to express their love and sympathy may contact the La Coste family at 7300 South Ute Trail, Austin, Texas 78729 (phone: 512-250-5374). A memorial fund is being established for the benefit of the family and Dennis ScroggIns is helping with the details at this time.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 17, p. 8
September 2, 1993