Russell H. Parks Passes

By Cecil Belcher

It is with deep sorrow that we report the untimely death of Brother Russell Parks, age 68. Brother Parks was preaching for the Central Church of Christ Terre Haute, Indiana at the time of his death. He was born June 9, 1907 and passed from this life March 11, 1976 at the Regional Hospital, Terre Haute, Indiana. Memorial services were conducted at the Orvis-Palmer Funeral Home, South Bend, Indiana March 15 with Brother Doyle Hood leading the congregation present in songs and Cecil Belcher delivered the Bible lesson to those assembled. Brother Parks loved the Gospel of Christ and it was indeed fitting that it should be preached on that occasion.

Brother Parks had been a faithful member of the Caroline Street church in South Bend, for a number of years. Shortly after my move to South Bend, it was possible for us to begin teaching Bible classes in some nursing homes. His interest increased and he decided that he would seek for a small congregation that could provide him a place to live but no salary. He felt that he could live off of his retirement benefits. In late October, 1975, he moved to work with the Central church in Terre Haute, Indiana. He was enjoying his work with the brethren there and anticipating much good being done but, on March 4th, when returning home from having his evening meal he became ill. He stopped his car and stepped to the sidewalk and was attacked by some one or ones injuring him so that he was paralyzed from his neck down. He was placed into the rear seat of his car and driven to another part of town; his billfold was taken and he was left in the car for some twelve hours when a child heard his call for help and summoned its mother who called for assistance. He was placed in the intensive care unit where he was only able to regain use of his arms. My wife and I were able to visit him March 6th and he was hoping to be able to carry on his preaching duties in a short time but due to the paralysis his condition grew worse and he passed from this life about one week after the brutal attack.

He is survived by two sons, George of Indianapolis, Larry of South Bend, five grandchildren, two brothers, Tom of Oklahoma, Ralph of Indianapolis, and one sister, Ruby Pope of Plainfield, Indiana.

He was loved much by the church here at South Bend and the church in Terre Haute as well as by a large number of friends and brethren who knew him.

Brother Parks had written and published a book of poems entitled “God’s Plan and Other Poems” one of which is used here.

Man’s Eternal Soul

My soul was steeped in sin and lost

My life meant naught to me,

Until I heard the story told

Of Christ on Calvary.

I went to Him in simple faith

and ask “What must I do?”

I found the answer in His word

Just like all sinners do.

Baptism freed me from my sins,

(Oh what a friend is He!)

The blood he shed on Calvary’s cross

Can set all sinners free.

And now I live my life for God

And soon my home shall be

A mansion that my Saviour said

That he’d prepare for me.

(Russell Parks)

Truth Magazine, XX:26, p. 7
June 26, 1976