Sacrificing for Christ

By O. Fred Liggen, Jr.

How much would you be willing to sacrifice for the Lord and His work? Jesus told us in Luke 14:27; “If a man cometh unto me and hateth not his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yea, and his own life also he cannot be my disciple.” To people who never have to worry about being called upon to give up such things or who are secure in their country free from religious and physical persecution, these words may seem far less important. Yet in a country where you must be careful not to do things that might bring the wrath of the governing party upon you, these words have more meaning. Here in Africa one must be very careful what he does and must do all he can do not to conflict with the thinking of the governing party. Yet when the Bible and such a group contradict, one must stand fast for the Faith. Such was the case here in Nyasaland not too many weeks past.

Upon our return from Tanganyika, we learned some very disturbing news. The churches at SIzokoto, along with many denominations, were scared out of worshiping God on Sunday. A certain Malawi Congress Party man — the local governing party– had been going around the area announcing, “Do not go to church to worship God. All people must worship Dr. Banda (the leader of the party) until we gain our freedom, then we will worship God.” Brother Calvin Nyirenda who preaches at Mzokoto was with us in Tanganyika at the time; therefore nothing could be done about it until he returned. Immediately upon his return and upon learning of this, he did a very brave thing and began to take action. He didn’t run to us to see what we could do about it. Instead, he went straight to the Mzokoto branch head and discussed it with him, demanding to know the reason for it. Then, he went to Rumpi, 17 miles, to the District office to inquire into the matter. He was told that no one had authority to do such speaking and received a letter from the chairman of the party stating this. For this brave action, he is to be commended highly. We know that many Christians would have gone in hiding just as the denominations did. But brother Nyirenda met the problem head on being prepared to lose his house and possessions in order to stand fast in the Faith. Let me add here that not all of the Mzokoto Christians obeyed this announcement. About five of them, including brother Nyirenda’s wife met secretly at 10:00 p. m. on that Sunday to break bread.

We thank the Lord for those faithful Christians and the courage of brother Nyirenda. We are also thankful that the governing body here in Nyasaland has not reached the point where they will forbid the people to meet in peace and worship God.

The Lord has continued to greatly bless our work here in the Northern Province. The work moves forward but leaves much to be done. Since March of this year 74 have been added to the Lord’s Body and 42 restored. Still we need to do more in order to strengthen the churches here. In order to do this more help is desperately needed. The Leon Clymores will be leaving the work in October of this year and no one has yet responded to the call. Who is willing to accept the challenge? The Lord needs workers in the field. Truly, the harvest is ready and the laborers are few. “

We are glad the Doyle Gilliam family reached the Central Province of Nyasaland safely. They are now on their second missionary Journey and are working with the Pressnell Higginbothams.

Brethren, we continue to ask your prayers and financial help. Should you desire to help please send your contribution to me here, P. O. Kumpi, Nyasaland, Africa or to my bank account at the Citizens and Southern Bank of Albany, P. O. Box 140, Albany, Georgia. Your contribution will be gratefully accepted and recorded in our monthly newsletter. Send whatever you can. Remember the poor widow and her two mites. God bless you all and cause His light to shine upon you.

Truth Magazine VI: 12, p.1
September 1962