Sad News from the Philippines

By Connie W. Adams

Readers of Truth Magazine have been informed of progress in the work of the Lord in the Philippines. There has been much good news to report. Mail last week informed me of the death of two faithful brethren whose loss will be felt.

Bartolome Flores

On November 3, Bartolome Flores was riding a mini-bus with eleven others on the main road from Cotabato City to General Santos City in the province of South Cotabato, Mindanao when suddenly the bus was stopped and surrounded by outlaws who killed all aboard the bus. Brother Flores supported himself by serving as head master of a school while he preached the gospel. He was one of the two preachers who came forward just after the debate in M’1ang last May and renounced the liberal position. His body was returned to M’Iang where his parents live. Funeral services were conducted by Romulo B. Agduma. In addition to his parents, he leaves a wife and one adopted child. Our brethren in some areas of the Philippines face many perils in traveling and some have recently been the objects of religious persecution. Pray for these brethren.

Manuel Saez

Manuel Saez was one of the elders of the church at Makati, Rizal (Manila area). He passed away of a heart attack on November 21 at the age of 66. Though others had a part in helping the church at Makati to correct the errors into which it had fallen while associated with the Christian Church, the key man in bringing them all the way to the truth was Manuel Saez. But for him, J. T. Smith nor I would have been permitted to speak there last May. He had already realized the truth and was resolved to take action for himself, but he showed the attitude of a tender shepherd in wanting to try and bring the whole flock to the truth with him if possible. I have never heard a man plead with a congregation as he did after we had preached and then had an intense two hour open forum. He was up all night reasoning with some who yet had doubts on a point or two. Before that night was over he and others had convinced them all as to what they must do. Ile Makati church has a great potential. It contains a number of very capable and refined people. It is able to bear a part of its own financial burden in support of their preacher, Carlos Azearraga. Brother Saez had a key role in stabilizing things after the changes made in the congregation. His death is a great loss to the church. We mourn with his wife, children and the whole flock which he so lovingly served as shepherd. I consider him one of the most impressive men I ever met. Memorial services were conducted by Carlos Azcarraga, assisted by Victorio Tibayan, Isabella Hayuhay and Noli Villamor.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XVI: 14, pp. 11-12
February 10, 1972