Saturday Morning Service Meeting?

By Larry Ray Hafley

Well, have you ever thought about it? Students are out of school. Several are off work on Saturday morning. So, why not plan a Saturday morning service during your gospel meetings?

Very few churches conduct morning services during the week for various reasons. (Or should I say, in some cases, “excuses?”) But how many churches are there that could not profitably plan a Saturday morning assembly during their regular gospel meeting? Surely, most places would have enough who could be present to make it worth the time and effort. Carting a preacher several hundred miles should cause us to want to milk him for all the word of God we can squeeze out of him, and a Saturday morning service gives one more opportunity to profit from his preaching.

No, I am not trying to run your gospel meeting schedule for you. I just thought this might be an idea that would be worthy of consideration. What do you say?

Truth Magazine XVIII: 1, p. 14
November 7, 1974