Save Lives, Say No: Freedom of Choice Act

By Kevin Autry

On December 11 1968 an unwanted child was delivered in a hospitals Florida,,, The child. was quickly placed into the hands of social workers who then gave him to an adoption agency: A young, married couple who were unable to leave children of their “own adopted the child.” This was just #or years before abortion became legal.

On August 27, 1973 another unwanted child was born. Roe vs Wade had made abortion legal in 1973, but the mother had the child anyway. This child was also given to an adoption agency. She to was adopted.

I was the first child and my sister was the second. Maybe our biological mother was some scared teenager who made a mistake one night. Maybe she was a career woman who felt we might be inadvertent for her. Nonetheless, she made a decision to let her unwanted children live.

I deeply resent those who would deny my right to exist. Despite the fact that my natural, mother did not want live. I shall have a right to live. I also serve a purpose in this world. Without me, my parents would have no son and my sister world have no brother.

Other lives have been touched by me as well. A two old girl drowning in a pool would have died if I had not been walking by. A young man in Memphis might have carried out his threat to commit suicide if I had not been there to talk him out of it.

It is not my purpose to be boastful. I am attempting to show haw an `unwanted’ child has made a different in the world.

Figures by the Alan Guttmacher Instituite show that there were 1.6 million abortions in the United States in 1990 alone. Of all the pregnancies in 1990, 24.6 percent ended in abortion. Since Roe vs. Wade 28 million unborn children have died.

How many o these children could of made a difference? How many couples unable to have children of their own might have had their dream come true. How many of these children might have been President, or congressmen’ or judges? How many might have been famous writers or artists? World class musicians? Men of peace like King or Ghandi? Might one of them have become a doctor wh’o discovered cure of aids or cancer?

This mass genocide. of unborn children must stop, President Clinton’s removal of abortion restrictions and his support of the Freedom of Choice Act must be opposed. Lives depend an it.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 15, p. 7
August 5, 1993