By Mike Willis

The first time that I heard a review of situation ethics, was amused at the apparent self-contradiction which lay in its premises. The first universal law of situation ethics is that there are no universal laws! Being self-contradictory, the system falls.

Similarly, I cannot help being a little amused when I read Carl Ketcherside’s Mission Messenger. Regardless of what he titles his articles, and some titles are eye-catchers, I know that he is writing on the same subject-unity-in-diversity. His main doctrine is that one must not have conformity in doctrine in order to have unity. Ketcherside goes to and extreme to get “conformity in doctrinal belief” to his doctrine which says “doctrinal conformity is not essential to unity. “Like the situation ethicist, he has a system based on self-contradictory premises.

While I might be amused at its self-contradiction, I am amazed that our brethren are believing the false doctrine. Men who have never even heard of Carl Ketcherside believe the very doctrine which he is promulgating. Brethren, let us wake up and study the issues that we might be prepared to prevent another major apostasy. Preach on the doctrines being attacked. The best defense is a strong offense!

Truth Magazine, XVIII:22, p. 14
April 4, 1974