Send A Card

By Clarence W. Fell

Cards are valuable tools for the personal worker. Anyone can use them; busy people can use them; the elderly who suffer physical limitations can use them; just about everyone can enhance his personal work efforts with cards. A card says, “I care,” “I’m thinking of you,” “I’m concerned,” “I love you,” etc. A card is practically a smile and a hug in an envelope.

Romans 12:15 instructs, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” Cards are one way we can share our joy and sorrows. Sometimes cards speak where our own words fail.

There are many occasions for expressing our love with cards. A short list would be: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, other special days, just for fun days, times of sickness, bereavement, etc. Cards are also a great way to encourage visitors, teachers, preachers, deacons, elders and the spiritually weak (1 Thess. 5:11). A card can really say a lot.

If you take card sending seriously you may want to try the following system.

1. Get a box that will hold 81/2″ x 11″ file folders.

2. Label 12 folders for January thru December – one for each month of the year.

3. Label other folders for special occasions (i.e. birthdays, births, weddings, visitors, sickness . . . etc.). Label as many special folders as you want to send cards for.

4. Now for the fun part. Go card shopping! Take a couple of friends and make a morning of it. After your initial buying spree get in the habit of picking up a few cards here and there to keep your folders stocked. Now, when you need a card you can go straight to it.

5. On your next lazy Saturday plan your card sending for a few months ahead (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, graduations . . . etc.). If you want to, you can go ahead and sign the card and address the envelope. Then, in the upper right hand corner where the stamp will go write the date the card is to be mailed and then put it in the appropriate monthly folder. Now you’re all set. When the date rolls around place a stamp over the date and put it out for the postman to pick up.

This system, or your own variation, will make card sending easier and more enjoyable. Have fun with it! Enjoy it! Let card sending be one of the many ways you share your love with other people.

Guardian of Truth XXXIV: 23, p. 708
December 6, 1990