Sexual Freedom or Slavery?

By William C. Sexton

The Psalmist said: “The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart.” (Psa. 19:8). The meaning of this statement needs to be understood and its accuracy believed. A failure to understand and/or believe the declaration results in many living a miserable life now and making sure that they shall do the same in the world which is to come.

God has given many rules by which man is to be governed. Each of these rules is for man’s own good. They are practical, and they will lead to man’s pleasure in this world as well as in the world which is to come, when applied. God gave these rules knowing man and the true nature of all things! Knowing what man really desires, what it takes to produce, He gave rules and principles by which one can achieve his objective.

There are various ways to illustrate the fact that God’s rules will always achieve the desired objective. Nevertheless, I have chosen only one area of man’s activities to show the superiority of God’s way over any devised by man. That area is regarding man’s sexual activities.

1. God’s Law: He forbids either pre-marital or extramarital sexual activities. Fornication and adultery are sins that separate man from God and will deny him a place in heaven, unless such is forgiven. (1 Cor. 6:9-11; Gal. 5:19-21). Marriage is the only relationship in which two persons can engage in sexual activities and enjoy the blessings of God. This is the place in which and the person with whom this basic need is to be fulfilled.

Observations will, I believe, reveal that when any rule of God is violated in this area, as in all other areas, the results are undesirable and against the best interest of man. Trouble comes in various ways to all who engage in the activities that God forbids. The troubles are many, and we cannot explore them all now. Probably no one can see them all. However, we shall look at some.

2. Society: In today’s society, there are various views regarding permissible sexual activities. The tendency, however, among many “young people” and a segment of “educators” is toward what is called “sexual freedom.” This philosophy called “sexual freedom,” I suggest however, is mis-labeled! It affirms that people can follow their emotions and engage in sexual activities outside the relationship required of God and with persons other than the one whom God designated, with immunity from the consequences. Consequently, therefore, we have many idealistic people practicing this philosophy. What are the results?


I point to one source of statistics. In the July 28, 1970 issue of Look Magazine, there is an article by Thomas and Alice Fleming, called, “What Kids Still Don’t Know About Sex.”

The following statistics are given: There has been an “explosion” in illegitimacy among young people in the last five years. In Oregon-1 out of 12 babies born is illegitimate. In 1950 there was 1 out of 53; and in 1960, there was only 1 in 30. Thus, we see the increase. In New York-illegitimacy has quadrupled since 1946. There are 300,000 cases for this state a year, and it is estimated that by 1980 there will be 400,000 cases a year for this state. In California-in one half of all teenage-marriages, the girl is already pregnant. In our nation-there are 2 million cases each year of women becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

Resultant Problems

This aspect of these activities create Social Problems. First, it creates a problem of caring for the child, in an unnatural way, without the father-mother relationship which is desirable to produce a well adjusted person. When a child is reared in such a setting, he lacks the socialization that is necessary to equip him to be a contributing participant in society. Herein lies the secret and limit of social concern. Financially, the state usually has to provide the material for this child, and many times his mother.

There is a Personality Problem. The persons engaged in these activities usually are disturbed, that is they become such, and they suffer mental and emotional agonies as the aftermath of their actions. The woman cannot feel totally guiltless in her mind, and such will always trouble her to a degree; the father will not have the mental and emotional satisfaction that the natural father would have. He will never see in the mother of his child the purity and high ideals of motherhood that should characterize this member of the family. The family relationship will not be as happy and holy as otherwise it could have been. The type of personal satisfaction that God would have reside in such a relationship, and the kind that man needs, will be missing.

There are, also, Spiritual Problems. One may Engage in such and be forgiven, to be sure. This is one of the wonderful aspects of the religion of Christ. The terms of forgiveness are clearly set forth in the New Testament, and they are available to all. However, when one steps into the river of immoral degradation, the temptation seems to increase for him to continue to bathe in the stream and resist the call of God to cleanse one’s self by washing in the blood of Christ. The conditions of God’s plan to cleanse are usually ignored. Some learn the lesson when they taste the bitterness of filth and abandon it and turn to God for His cleansing power and strength to keep themselves in the stream of God’s love. For all such, we are grateful.

To all who have bathed in the filth of sexual activities out of wedlock, I would send and appeal: Be washed in the blood of Christ, and then consciously walk with Him in assurance that He is willing and able to keep you in His love, if you will heed His voice, (Lk. 6:47; 1 Pet. 1:3-5).

The thrust of our argument, however, is directed to parents and young people, to the married, both old and young and all in between. See the wisdom divine as well as the practicality of God’s instructions and do not be swept away with the flood of this philosophy of the “New Morality.” Resist the appeals of the commercial world to arouse the basic drive in you. Keep yourselves in the purity of God’s way.

I recognize that in every normal person-male or female-there is the sexual drive, and that drive is the strongest of all drives. All are tempted at times to violate and disregard God’s law, too, I feel. Nevertheless, while we understand and appreciate the normality of this drive, let us restrain it until it can be fulfilled in the way that the Maker designed that it be satisfied. With His help, all can succeed. This we need to be convinced of. Watch for those situations wherein you will be tempted to go beyond your ability to resist and avoid them. Ask yourself, beloved, if the so-called “sexual freedom” is not in fact “sexual slavery.” It imprisons one’s soul, destroys his ability to maneuver in the world legitimately, and exchanges his purity for a bath in the stream of filth! Such is not freedom, beloved! Such will be recognized for what it is by the wise, I believe.

Much is at stake: social participation; personality development and happiness; and most of all-eternal life. Understand the nature of God’s statutes. Rely on Him. His word is accurate. His instructions are for our good. His power is sufficient! So, let us draw near Him, believing the declaration of His holy word: “The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart,” (Psa. 19:8).

Truth Magazine, XVIII:2, p. 11-12
November 8, 1973