Some Additional Comments

By Wallace H. Little

Note Jeff Kingry’s article, “Are Your Responsibilities `Corban?’ ” in Truth Magazine, Vol. XIX, No. 38, August 7, 1975, p. 13 beginning. He dealt with neglect of families by preachers who spend a good portion of their days away from home in meeting work, or become so involved in their work locally as to leave little time for their families. I want to put in some additional comments.

This applies to more than just preachers. Perhaps more than others, I was in a position to understand this. I was converted after spending 14 years in military service and continued therein another 14 years until my retirement in 1970. The military necessarily imposes restrictions on a man’s time, including periods of enforced separation from home and family. Over the years, my family has endured many. They were measured in weeks, sometimes months and once I was gone for a year. My wife and I understood and accepted these as necessary, but I could see the uncomfortable results on returning each time. In spite of her best efforts, she had additional problems, some generated simply because I was away, and others while normal, should never have been her lot to endure and solve. Since retirement, I have spent a minimum of time away because I have “seen the other side.”

This is not to disparage the importance of gospel meetings nor the urgency of taking the gospel of salvation to the lost wherever they might be. It is to say, while we have this responsibility, we also have the one of taking care of those God has entrusted into our keeping, and this is our primary concern.

Jeff made an excellent point and sounded a needed warning. We ought to pay heed to it.

Truth Magazine XIX: 55, p. 872
December 4, 1975