South Carolina

By Owen H. Thomas

The state of South Carolina is virtually a mission field so far as the conservative element of the Lords church is concerned. To my knowledge there are only two congregations in the state which are self-supporting. Both of these have fewer than sixty members. Only five churches have fulltime preachers. I do not know of but about twenty congregations in the entire state that could be considered conservative and most of these have less than twenty-five members. There are several towns of medium size that have no church of Christ in them.

The liberal churches are not as strong here as in many other places but they out number the conservatives by a wide margin. Recently some of the liberal churches in Nashville, Tennessee have been surveying the state and are making plans to send liberal preachers into South Carolina for the purpose of starting more liberal churches.

Columbia, which is the capitol, has four liberal churches but until about a year ago there were no conservative churches there. However, there are two small conservative groups meeting there now. One of these began over a year ago and they now have about fifteen members. They are known as the North Columbia Church of Christ and meet at 928 Columbia College Drive. Brother Bill Brittenham, who was recently discharged from the army, is working with them. He is trying to raise support so that he may continue to work with this small group. They are trying to support him until he can find support, but they will not be able to do this for very long. Bro. Brittenham needs help and he needs it NOW. The other group started in January of this year when about five or six families were kicked out of the liberal Eastside church. They have about fifty in attendance and are known as the Brandon Avenue Church of Christ. They have made arrangements for Brother Gary White to begin working with them about August. I understand he will also need some outside support.

The church here in Camden is small. We have about fifty-six members. At the present time we are sending $335.00 per month to help support four other preachers besides carrying on our local work. Thus, we are not able to answer these other calls for help. We would, if we could but I know there are other churches that can help these men. Will you do it? I believe these men deserve help. The conservative cause in South Carolina needs these men. Columbia, being the capitol, offers the best opportunity for the spreading of the gospel in the state.

July 20, 1972