Sowing the Seeds

By Johnie Edwards

On November 11, 1978, we were invited to hear a group of men speak on “Inspiration and Authority of the Bible,” “The Creation Account of Genesis 1 and 2,” “The Virgin Birth of Christ,” “Mechanical Music in N.T. Worship,” and “Fellowship with Denominations.” David Bobo commented on each speech and questioned each speaker.

As I sat along with Bob Buchanon, Harry Lewis, John McCort and L.A. Stauffer and listened to the speeches, a number of things ran through my mind.

(1) Sowing the Wind. Israel of long ago was told by the prophet Hosea, “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind . . .” (Hos. 8:7). The very seeds of the modernistic views told the Bible as held by David Bobo were sown by many of our liberal-minded brethren. Through the years, they have said there is no pattern for the work of the church. The seeds of apostasy were sown when men taught that we can pool church funds into a centralized organization to do the work of the church. Sometimes the centralization was done with an eldership who had a sponsoring work greater than they could pay for. Some have taught the church can turn its funds over to a benevolent society, like an orphan home to do their work of relieving the needy. There is no more scriptural authority for these kind of things as for the views held by David Bobo.

(2) The Social Gospel Concept. Making the church a playhouse with recreation and entertainment centers, the bus ministry with reward motivations and the like, have caused some to travel further down the road to apostasy than others. You see, if we can go beyond the Bible teaching in one or two areas, what will stop one from going as far as David Bobo? There is really no stopping place. It is like the apostle Paul said, “. . . for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Gal. 6:7).

(3) Why Not Instrumental Music? Evidently David Bobo sees nothing unscriptural with using instrumental music in worship. We heard a good speech on how unscriptural it is to use instrumental music in worship. Instrumental music in worship is wrong because there is no pattern for it in the Word of God. If brethren would apply the same principles to other areas of Bible teaching as they have on instrumental music it would do away with many of the things which divide brethren today. There is no scriptural authority for instrumental music in worship, therefore, it is sinful. Neither is there any scriptural authority for the Herald of Truth arrangement, church support of orphan homes, schools in the budget and church fellowship halls.

If we do not want to have problems in getting people to accept what the Bible teaches in regards to Inspiration, The Creation, Instrumental Music in Worship, and Fellowship with Denominations, we must declare the whole council of God on every subject.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 19, p. 315
May 10, 1979