“Speaking In Tongues”

By Larry Ray Hafley

The article below under the title above appeared in the Peoria Journal Star, October 15, 1985.

“The wife of singer Pat Boone went to Rock Hudson’s home shortly after he died of AIDS, chanted over his body, grasped his thin legs and began speaking in tongues, according to People magazine.

“Shirley Boone and members of a Pentecostal church in Van Nuys, Calif., arrived at the actor’s Beverly Hills home about 20 minutes after his death was announced Oct. 2, and chanted, ‘Get the disease out of the body,’ the magazine reported.

“The night before, a Pentecostal prayer group that included Pat and Shirley Boone and two of Hudson’s nurses had visited the actor.”

Just Imagine

Now that is just what a dead man needs – someone to begin “speaking in tongues” “over his body.” Imagine that Peter went to Dorcas’ corpse, and, instead of raising her from the dead, he “began speaking in tongues”! Imagine Paul chanting and “speaking in tongues,” and then dropping dead of the venomous viper that “fastened on his hand” (Acts 28:3-6). Just what he needed t6speaking in tongues” rather than miraculous protection from the vile viper! Imagine the “sick folks” in Acts 5:15, 16, being treated with 69speaking in tongues” and left sick. Imagine living unbelievers needing to hear the gospel in their “own language” being allowed to see the resurrection of a dead man. Imagine Jesus going to the tomb of Lazarus, chanting (babbling like a baby, chattering like a chimp), “speaking in tongues” (mumbling like a moron), and imploring, “Get the disease out of the body.” Just what Lazarus and Rock Hudson needed, a tongue speaking exercise. Rewrite John 11 if that had occurred. Imagine Jesus “speaking in tongues” before blind Bartimaeus and the ten lepers, but leaving them blind and leprous. What could be worse? Surely, Shirley has her “gifts” in reverse.

“Death On Pneumonia”

It reminds me of the story my good friend and brother, James P. Needham, tells so humorously. A fellow went to the Doctor with a terrible cold. The Doctor said, “Stand outside barefooted in a cold rain.” The patient sniffled, “But, Doc, I’ll catch pneumonia.” The Doctor said, “Great! I can’t cure a cold but I’m death on pneumonia!’ Sister Shirley cannot cure the Aids disease, but she is death on “speaking in tongues.”

Reuel Lemmons needs to write another article defending Pat and Shirley Boone as he did after they forsook the faith for the fraud of Pentecostalism. I suggest that he dedicate it to the memory of Rock Hudson and submit it to People magazine.

Guardian of Truth XXIX: 23, p. 723
December 5, 1985