Startling Facts About Alcohol!

By Raymond E. Harris

1. Alcohol is a thirty billion dollar ($30,000,000,000) a year business.

2. The liquor industry spends nine hundred million dollars ($900,000,000) for advertising yearly, mostly telling lies.

3. One of every four American teenagers is an alcoholic or problem drinker.

4. Alcohol is the number one cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 24.

5. Alcohol is the number one cause of preventable birth defects.

6. Alcohol is the number one drug problem in America and advertising is the number one pusher.

7. Alcoholism causes an estimated loss of forty-three billion dollars ($43,000,000,000) annually to U.S. businesses due to absenteeism, failing health, welfare service cost, property damage and medical expense.

8. Sixty percent of Americans seeking treatment for depression are alcoholics.

9. The suicide rate for alcoholics is 58 times that of non drinkers.

10. Fifty percent of all fatal auto accidents (400 per week) are caused by those who have been drinking.

11. Alcoholics are seven times more likely to be divorced or separated.

12. Children of alcoholics are twice as likely to become alcoholics as those of non-drinkers.

13. Sixty five percent of all murders are committed by people who were drinking shortly before the act.

14. Sixty percent of all child abuse is committed by people who had been drinking.

Truly, “the finished product of the Brewers Art,” is seen in the poverty, disease, broken homes, wrecked lives, lost virtue, suicides, homicides and accidental deaths that result from drinking. Drunkenness is not a sickness; it is sin! Be not deceived, we will reap as we sow!

Guardian of Truth XXVII: 5, p. 146
March 3, 1983