Sturgis, Mississippi Report (Spring 1997)

By Alex Caldwell

Greetings, from your brothers and sisters in Christ at Sturgis, Mississippi! Brethren, thank you so much for your fervent prayers and support. Let us all thank our God in heaven for his rich and wonderful blessings! Let us also continue to do more for Christ and each other this year.

In November of 1996, the congregation decided to put an ad in the local newspaper seeking for anyone who was interested in a complete survey of the Bible. The response was overwhelming! I had the opportunity to teach Bible classes in people’s homes, in my home, and at the church building. For every question that was asked, I gave a Bible answer, because I know that the Bible is always right.

One couple that I studied with invited me to their congregation (Methodist-Baptist mixture). They wanted me to show their members one of the filmstrips that I was using for teaching the Bible survey. About 20 people showed up, and the study went well, except at the very end. One question concerning women preachers came up. As I stated before, I gave them a Bible answer showing that God does not give women such authority or leadership roles over men (1 Tim. 2:12). Some of the women were not too pleased with that answer, but I had to tell them the truth. I will not back down when it comes to teaching God’s word!

The couple said that they wanted to continue with the survey despite the feelings of some of the members. They have completed the filmstrip series and desire more home studies. I will update you on their progress. I continue to teach classes as the opportunity arises.

Now, concerning the Sturgis family, we are growing numerically and spiritually. The membership has grown to 30, including visitors every Lord’s Day. We have a young men’s class which is being taught by one of our own faithful brothers. Every Sunday night, we study the doctrines of different denominations and discover what the Bible says about false teaching. In February of this year, the congregation had its first business meeting. Great ideas were exchanged. The members really want the Sturgis church to grow! We are now preparing for our Spring Lectureship in April. We are doing fine, but we still have more growing to do. Please continue to pray for us and our efforts in spreading the gospel.

I continue to teach and preach every Sunday and Wednesday night. I also continue to preach on two 30-minute radio programs weekly. At this time I am scheduled to preach in two gospel meetings this year, one in Texas and another in North Carolina.

Once again, brethren, thank you so much for your prayers and support. May God richly bless you both physically and spiritually. Until my next report, continue to keep the faith.

Guardian of Truth XLI: 11 p. 23
June 5, 1997