Sturgis Report

By K.A. Caldwell

After working with the Trigg Avenue church in Memphis, Tennessee, I have moved to Sturgis, Mississippi to begin a new work. My reason for leaving Trigg Avenue, after two and one-half years is because of the great need for a preacher in Sturgis. A mature brother will work at Trigg until they get a full-time preacher. While I was at Trigg Avenue there were 20 baptisms and many restorations. I thank God for the good done.

The Sturgis church has about 17 members. They now meet in a new building. This building was built by brethren from such places as Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. While the building was being constructed, several preachers spoke for the church in the evenings after the building was framed in.

Five years ago the brethren in Sturgis took a stand for the truth regarding the institutional question. In the process of standing, they lost their building because liberal brethren controlled the deed to their property. This is the reason the Sturgis brethren needed a meetinghouse. The faithful brethren in Sturgis are grateful to all of the brethren who helped to build their new building. This new building will hold about 90 people, has three classrooms, and allows plenty of room for parking.

I believe the possibilities here in Sturgis are great. In November we plan a gospel meeting with me doing the preaching. During this meeting I am preaching on first principles because of the large number of visitors expected. Sturgis is in the southwest corner of Oktibbeha County and is near several larger towns. We hope some visitors will come from these towns. On Sundays and Wednesdays we will have regular Bible studies. While in Memphis, I taught many home classes and I plan to do the same here in Sturgis. The reason I moved here is to save the lost and to build up the church. I plan to do this by preaching, visiting, and teaching in the homes of both saints and sinners.

Although I am single, I still must pay rent, utilities, insurance, car expenses, and other living expenses. My needs will total $2,300 a month. In addition, it cost $500 to move, and my deposits required another $500. As I write this I have been promised $600 a month support. Because the need is so great in Sturgis, I went ahead and moved without full support. I am fully willing to make sacrifices for the Lord’s work. I fully trust that God will somehow take care of his people when we are doing his work. I would be very thankful for any monthly support, or a one-time gift. Pray for me, and for the Lord’s work in Sturgis.

Guardian of Truth XXXVI: 23, p. 715
December 3, 1992