Support for Jay Horsley

By Harry A. Osborne

The work in Vilnius, Lithuania is progressing very well. There have been twelve baptisms and mere is a growing number of people attending the Bible lectures and private classes. The possibilities for future growth excite all of us who have had a part in this work. However, a great need exists for someone to work full time in this promising field of the Lords work. Brother Jay Horsley was in Vilnius for about seven weeks last fall and has now committed to go three full-time for at least two years. As soon as support is raised, brother Horsley is prepared to begin this new work. My hope and prayer is that churches and individuals who might read this plea will meet this challenge to expenses. Brethren! can you help in this effort either on a onetime basis or with monthly support? The work in Vilnius needs brother Horsleys help at this time. He is a faithful man who will work energetically to preach the gospel to many who have never heard that message and to ground those who are babes in Christ in the truth. If you are able to have fellowship with brother If anyone would like to know more about the work in Lithuania (a former state in the Soviet Union), I would be glad to discuss such and help in the contact of others who have been involved in this work. All of us believe that the work in Vilniusis merely the start of the spread of the gospel to all to Lithuania and much of the western pal of the former Soviet Union. Please help in this effort if it is at all possible.

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 9, p. 15
May 6, 1993