Supporting the Work

By Dennis C. Abernathy

Every work that grows and prospers has individuals that give of their time, effort, and money to help it grow. In no field is this more apparent than in the regard of the local church. A congregation that grows is one where the members are diligent in supporting the work.

But usually there are some who desire for the work to prosper just as long as they don’t have to become involved. For them to get involved is asking too much. After all, they have to make a living, get their rest, get their homework, entertain relatives, etc. But, they want the work to grow(?)-without their fervent support and involvement.

Some of these very individuals are the first to note any lack of growth and very often criticize things wherein they are not really informed due to their lack of involvement. They usually say, “The brethren aren’t doing anything.” “The preacher isn’t out working.” On and on we could go. But you get the point.

It takes more than “pew-warming” to go to heaven. As Christians, we must support the work of truth and Abe ready unto every good work.” Why not be honest with yourself. Are you truly supporting the work? Or, do you simply talk a good line? You just hurt yourself more than anyone else.

Truth Magazine XXI: 1, p. 5
January 6, 1977