Surrender or Fight?

By Roy E. Cogdill

Most of the readers of this paper know already that the Akin Foundation is in trouble. It is not to advertise this fact but to call attention to the opportunity all of you have to render a service to the Foundation which has done so much for the spreading of the Gospel and indirectly to the cause of truth and righteousness.

The 68th District Court in which the law suit against the trustees has been filed has granted an injunction against the trustees further distributing any of the funds of the Foundation and has appointed a receiver impounding all the funds coming in. The attitude of both the court and receiver is that the income of the Foundation should be given to new churches who have never received any help from the Foundation and those who have been receiving funds from the Foundation should be denied any further help. This means that liberal churches have been helped and faithful churches have been denied further help. Unless something is done the entirety of the property of the Akin Foundation as well as all future income will likely go into the hands of liberal churches to promote their irreverence toward the Word of God and disregard of divine authority. This involves more than $200,000 per year at the present time. After many hours of discussion with various brethren, I determined to make an effort to salvage this fund that it may continue to teach truth and righteousness through supporting faithful brethren and thus accomplish the purpose that prompted the faithful servant of God who gave to this Foundation all of his part of the blessings God had given into his hands.

This effort will cost money as any case in court does. Perhaps the most competent trial lawyer in Dallas has been engaged. His fee is $90.00 for every hour devoted to this cause. Already $2,500 has been advanced toward this fee but more will have to come. We do not believe that brethren will be willing for just one or two of us to carry the load in this struggle. We believe there are many who will want to help. I have never personally received a cent from the Akin Foundation and do not expect to. Neither have I ever preached for a church that participated in its funds. But there are many who have been benefitted by it and only God knows how much good has been accomplished by it.

I do not know how long it will take or how much money it will cost but I believe we can save this income of approximately a quarter of a million dollars a year to be used in preaching the Gospel and I believe we should make every effort to do so. What do you think and what will you do about it? Those of you who through the years have been supported by and have participated in its help, what will you do to help preserve it-both churches and individuals are urged to respond. All contributions will be acknowledged and an accounting made.

Truth Magazine XXI: 29, p. 456
July 23, 1977