April 25, 2019

A Great Society?

Is our society that great?  Yes, we enjoy a tremendous amount of prosperity and freedom, much of which we can be thankful.  However, it has reached the point that these are often a detriment to our society.  Notice some of the things we financially can afford and legally … [Read more...]

Barbaric Actions Of An Enlightened Nation

Abortion is accepted by about half the people in the United States. It is “settled law.” There are more protections and “rights” for a mother who kills her baby, the doctors and nurses involved too, than for a teenager who acts like an idiot and kicks the neighbor’s … [Read more...]

Are Some Sins Unforgivable?

By Heath Rogers We can appreciate the above question when we remember that it is the practice of many people, either consciously or unconsciously, to categorize sins. Sins like murder and adultery are considered worse than the sin of telling a white lie. A person’s willingness to forgive the … [Read more...]