April 25, 2019

Word Study: Evil

Greek: Poneros Vine’s: “labour, toil, denotes evil that causes labour, pain, sorrow, malignant evil.” Thayer’s: “1. Full of labors, annoyances, hardships… 2. Bad, of a bad nature or condition… b. in an ethical sense, evil, wicked, bad.” Wherever there is evil, … [Read more...]

Word Study: Lord

Greek: Kurios Vine’s: “properly an adjective, signifying having power (kuros) or authority, is used as a noun, variously translated in the N.T., “’Lord,’ … ‘Master,’…” Thayer’s: “he to whom a person or thing belongs, about which he has … [Read more...]

Word Study: Christ

Greek: Christos Vine’s: “anointed, translates, in the Sept. [Greek translation of OT], the word Messiah…” Thayer’s: “anointed…1. Of the Messiah…” Christ is really not a proper name, though we commonly use it that way. Rather, it is a description or even a … [Read more...]