That Vulgar “B” Word

By John Wallace

Call it a fetus, an embryo, a blob of tissue or a product of conception, but don’t use the profane ‘B” word. It’s the worst vulgarity, almost as bad as saying marriage, family, or husband. It must be eradicated from our dictionaries and its users’ mouths washed with abortionists’ soap. The reality that it’s a b _ _ _ must be denied at all costs. It must be depersonalized and compared to a venereal disease. The terrible “B” word must be forgotten, because it makes it human, encourages an emotional bond, ignites a natural affection, and envisions something warm and cuddly.

So, what name did you give to your fetus? How much did your embryo weigh? What did your product of conception wear when you left the hospital? Did your husband witness the birth of your blob of tissue?

Seriously now, why are abortionists so terrified of this “B” word. The following quote will reveal that the avoidance of the “B” word has been the planned agenda of the feminists and abortionists from the early seventies.

In the December 1971 issue of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology, a pro-abortionist instructing nurses in the care of induced abortion patients said, “Through public conditioning, use of language, concepts and laws, the idea of abortion can be separated from killing.” She further cautioned nurses, “If you say, ‘Suck out the b ,’ you may easily generate or increase trauma; say instead, `Empty the uterus.”‘ Similarly, Hitler’s command to take Jews to the death camps was, “Empty the ghettos.”

If it’s a “B” word inside a mother’s womb, abortion would be killing a “B” word  so it can’t be a “B” word. It has to be called something else. Should we call it a hippopotamus or a kangaroo  what about alligator? Some innocent, naive person raised in the abortionists’ camp who has never heard the “B” word may ask, “Is that profane, vulgar, never to be mentioned, must be eradicated word “baby?” Oh! Oh! He said that naughty word, wash out his mouth with abortionists’ soap.

Guardian of Truth XLI: 24 p. 11
December 18, 1997