The Danger of Pedophilia Preying on America’s Innocent

By Chris Reeves

It happened during a casual conversation between one of our local church members and his wife’s niece as they were riding along in the car. The little girl (age 10) mentioned that she had been asked to spend some time with her mother and her boyfriend while they were in bed. She talked about how she witnessed “the bed shaking.” Later, she spoke of how she had been fondled by the boyfriend. The brother in Christ and his wife turned that information over to the Human Services, and now they have temporary custody of the little girl while the case is being investigated. The brother in Christ announced this news to the whole congregation and we are praying for them and giving them support. Friends, the danger of pedophilia is real and it may be closer to home than you think. Yes, the danger of pedophilia has come to “Small-town, USA,” and it may be in your community as well. You and your children (or grandchildren) need to be prepared for it.

The Problem of Pedophilia
“Pedophilia” means “child-love” (from the Greek words paidos, child; and phileo, love). But the word refers to an act that is far from true child love. Pedophilia is an act of sexual child abuse. It is not true “love”! Pedophilia is a heinous act against an innocent child and it is gaining popularity in our society among certain sexually immoral people. It is no longer “taboo” with many.

The National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPCA) reports that child sexual abuse is on the increase in our nation. According to a 1995 survey by the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention Research (NCCAPR), “before the age of 18, one in four girls and one in six boys will experience some form of sexual abuse.”1  James A. Monteleone, M.D., writes, “Three-fourths of the crimes committed against children are sex crimes.”2 

In Robertson County, Tennessee, where this writer, lives there are about 50-60 prosecutable cases of child sexual abuse every year. The offenders in these cases are usually white males over 50, hardly ever a stranger to their victims, choose their victims from broken homes and desire to control their victims’ emotions and lives (not just have sex). Detective Mike Carlisle of the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department has worked local child sexual abuse cases for nine years. He told this writer, “Anytime you have someone that spends a lot of time with kids and no one else . . . something is suspicious.” He says the classic pedophile “makes it look like it’s the child’s fault . . . blackmailing and threatening the child to keep quiet about it. The child goes along with it because parents always tell their children to do what they are told by adults?3

Pedophilia is sexual abuse, which in turn is child abuse. What is “sexual abuse”? Legally, “sexual abuse” is defined as “Sexual contact or interaction between a child and an adult or older child (greater than five years of age difference) for the purposes of sexual stimulation and gratification of the adult . . . or of the older child.” The acts considered as child sexual abuse are: sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral-genital contact, fondling, masturbating, finger penetration and exposing one’s self for the purpose of sexual gratification. Sexual abuse is generally divided into three categories: sexual assault, incest, and exploitation (group sex or sex rings).4

Children are vulnerable. Pedophiles know this and make children their victims. Why is a child so vulnerable to pedophiles? First, children are curious about many things, including sex. A pedophile exploits a child’s curiosity. Second, children have been told to respect and obey adults. A pedophile will use this to his advantage. Third, children (especially those from broken homes) crave attention, affection and approval from grown-ups. A pedophile will trade a child affection for sex. Finally, children are scared to admit wrong. They often will not betray their pedophile partner because the pedophile has threatened them with harm if they tell.5

What is a pedophile like? Here are a few characteristics. About 85% of all pedophiles are males who come from all professions and trades. Female pedophiles are often babysitters. About 75% to 80% of all pedophiles are known to their victims’ parents, step-parents, grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, or other close friends. Many pedophiles will use drugs or alcohol to lower their victims’ inhibitions. Some pedophiles seduce their victims with nice conversation and gifts, others are more overt, and still others use physical force (sadism).6

The Promotion of Pedophilia
• Lower or Abolish Age of Consent Laws. There is a unified effort among some homosexual, lesbian and feminist groups to lower or abolish age of consent laws. This effort began in 1972 and it continues strongly today. This of course would legalize adult-child sex. The immoral people doing this claim that children are “oppressed,” and their goal is to try and “liberate” children with total “sexual freedom” giving them the essential right to “express themselves” sexually. Some are even saying that keeping a child away from sexual activity is a form of “child abuse.” Can you believe it?! The ultimate goal of this work is to gain total sexual liberation from any moral restrictions. “Ageism” is the derogatory term used by these liberals to describe the current laws that we now have prohibiting sexual contact based on age differences.7 Those who want to abuse children would like to see this nation follow the example of Holland where the age of sexual consent is now 12.8

•    Homosexual Activity. As much as many homosexuals try to deny it, there is a direct connection between homosexual activity and pedophilia.9 (Note: The technical term for sex between an adult and a child of the same sex is “pederasty.”) Reports from pro-homosexual activists show a definite link between pedophilia (technically, “pederasty”) and homosexuals. About 33% of all pedophiles are homosexuals. The slang term that many homo- sexual pedophiles use for underage boys sought for sex is “chickens.” What is the slang term for a pedophile? You guessed it, “chicken hawk.” This is not surprising since homosexual pedophiles live by a “barnyard morality” instead of by God’s word.10

•    Psychiatry and Psychology Experts. Pedophiles looking to find some “expert” to condone their behavior as “normal” will often turn to the institutions of psychiatry and psychology. For example, many pedophiles refer to a 1998 article by the American Psychological Association (APA) claiming that sex between adults and children can actually be positive for “willing” children. The same article proposes that we drop the terms “child abuse,” “molestation,” “victims” and “adult-child sex” when discussing this issue. This article was later modified by the APA, but many pedophiles continue to appeal to it to promote their actions. One psychologist, Dr. Michael Werthmeimer (member of the APA), believes that pedophilia is not harmful to the child. Dr. Richard Gardner, a child psychiatrist at Columbia University, believes that all forms of deviant sexual behavior should be acceptable, including adult-child sex, sex with the dead, sex with animals, and even sex with defecation. Of course, pedophiles make it a point to interview and quote from “experts” like Werthmeimer and Gardner.11

•    The Alfred Kinsey Reports. The present immoral attitude that many have toward sexual behavior has been affected largely by the work of Alfred Kinsey. Fifty years ago Kinsey did a scientific study of human sexuality which was designed to promote all forms of sexual activity. He wrote two reports documenting his research called, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948), and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953). Since Kinsey released his findings, these studies have been used in an attempt to legitimize homosexuality, pedophilia, and more. Kinsey’s work eventually led to the formation of the Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), a liberal organization promoting sex education in public schools. Even Hugh Hefner credits Kinsey with inspiring him to publish Playboy Magazine. In recent years, Kinsey’s work has been shown to be a fraud by Dr. Judith A. Reisman and others, but many continue to use Kinsey’s reports to destigmatize sex with children.12

•    Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. Children and young adults in this country are being indoctrinated at school with pro-pedophilia material, from the early grades on up to the university level. This type of promotion offers the “intellectual justification” for pedophilia that many are looking for. Those who push their pedophilia agenda in public schools claim that they are protecting America’s youth from a “homophobic society.” James Kincaid, English professor at USC, is an outspoken advocate of pedophilia. Cornell University offers a pro-pedophilia course called “The Sexual Child,” taught by English professor Ellis Hanson. In 1997, a video produced by two lesbians called “It’s Elementary,” was produced to show teachers how to introduce the topic of homosexuality to students and teach them that “gay is OK.” Two other organizations, “Project 10” and “Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education,” work to promote homosexual acceptance in our nation’s high schools.13 Massachusetts leads the nation in pro-homosexual school programs spending $1 million annually to deliver homosexual propaganda to school children.14

•    Entertainment Industry and the Media. Recent movies and TV programs have been introduced to the public promoting pedophilia. The House of Yes (Miramax) is a comedy about incest. Lolita and Happiness are two more films that promote pedophilia. One TV episode of “Dawson’s Creek” portrayed a sexual relationship between a 15-year old boy and his high school teacher. Some Tommy Hilfiger ads have displayed young boys in sexually provocative poses. The Internet also promotes pedophilia. Pedophilia and child pornography can be found on many Internet Web sites, chat rooms, discussion groups and bulletin boards.15

•    North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). One high profile organization in this country that actively promotes pedophilia is NAMBLA. The welcome statement on their Web page ( will show very clearly how they promote pedophilia. Here is that statement in full:

WELCOME! The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) was formed in 1978. It was inspired by the success of a campaign based in Boston’s gay community to defend against a local witchhunt.  

NAMBLA’s goal is to end the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships by:

•    Building understanding and support for such relationships;
•          Educating the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love;
•     Cooperating with lesbian, gay, feminist, and other liberation movements;
•        Supporting the liberation of persons of all ages from sexual prejudice and oppression. 

Our membership is open to everyone sympathetic to man/boy love and personal freedom.

NAMBLA calls for the empowerment of youth in all areas, not just the sexual. We support greater economic, political and social opportunities for young people and denounce the rampant ageism that segregates and isolates them in fear and mistrust. We believe sexual feelings are a positive life force. We support the rights of youth as well as adults to choose the partners with whom they wish to share and enjoy their bodies. 

We condemn sexual abuse and all forms of coercion. Freely-chosen relationships differ from unwanted sex. Present laws, which focus only on the age of the participants, ignore the quality of their relationships. We know that differences in age do not preclude mutual, loving interaction between persons. NAMBLA is strongly opposed to age-of-consent laws and all other restrictions which deny men and boys the full enjoyment of their bodies and control over their own lives. 

NAMBLA does not provide encouragement, referrals or assistance for people seeking sexual contacts. NAMBLA does not engage in any activities that violate the law. 

We call for fundamental reform of the laws regarding relations between youths and adults. Today, many thousands of men and boys are unjustly ground into the disfunctional criminal justice system. Blindly, this system condemns consensual, loving relationships between younger and older people. NAMBLA’s Prisoner Program, with limited resources, works to provide a modicum of humanity to some of these people. Click here to find out more.

NAMBLA is a political, civil rights, and educational organization. We provide factual information and help educate society about the positive and beneficial nature of man/boy love. Become an active member! You can help in this historic struggle!16

The Prevention of Pedophilia
•    Recognize pedophilia for what it is — sin. Like many other sins in our society, if an immoral act is redefined and given a fancy name, many accept it as OK. Pedophilia has been called “intergenerational intimacy” by some of its advocates, a term which makes the act sound so pure and noble. Pedophiles say that “consensual” adult-child sex is “positive and beneficial for the participants.”17 But the Bible calls this act sin! Pedophilia, whether “consensual” or not, is fornication (sexual immorality) and it is a work of the flesh which will damn a person to hell for eternity (Gal. 5:19, 21). Many excuse pedophiles saying their actions are caused by childhood trauma (abused as a child) or genetic make-up.18 Whatever the cause, pedophilia demonstrates a lack of self-control with unlawful lusts and desires.

•    Help the pedophile. As repulsive as pedophilia is, there is still a need to approach the pedophile with compassion (Matt. 9:36-38) and the Gospel of Christ (Rom.1:16). Sin is sin, and the pedophile needs Christ just as much as anyone else (Tit. 3:3-5). Love them, be firm with them, preach against their sin and try to lead them to Christ. Their soul needs saving.

•    Demonstrate true love for children. There is to be natural affection between a parent and a child according to the Bible. Those who are “without natural affection” are those who expose children to cruelty and oppression, who victimize and exploit children, and thereby sin (Rom. 1:31; 2 Tim. 3:3). Children are a blessing from God (Pss. 113:9; 127:3-5; 128:1-6). Parents and all adults need to show a proper love toward children — a love which protects and nurtures children (Tit. 2:4). Children are a stewardship to be cared for as God commands (Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:4). Children are to be valued. They need our help. They are not to be treated as objects of abuse or neglect (Deut. 10:18; 14:29; Ps. 10:14; Matt. 19:13-15).

•    Get Involved and Protect the Children. Report pedophiles to the proper authorities. Don’t fear to speak out and report their crimes, even if they are a close relatives as many of them are. Do what you can to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Get involved! Solomon said long ago, “Deliver them that are carried away unto death, and those that are ready to be slain see that thou hold back” (Prov. 24:11).

Our society as a whole has little tolerance for pedophilia. But that is slowly changing. Consider our nation’s distaste for homosexuality, abortion, and euthanasia a few decades ago. And now where do many Americans stand on these issues? It is just a matter of time before pedophilia becomes acceptable, too. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi is right when he says, “the rationalization of one sexual deviance (homosexuality) can easily extend to the rationalization for another (pedophilia).”19 May God gives us time to see the true danger of pedophilia and to confront it accordingly.

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