The Dust-Covered Book


They read the “Journal” and the “News,”

The “Green Book” and the “Red,”

They kept the serials of the month

Securely in their head.

They went through books both old and new,

Best sellers, too, they thought;

They read the jokes and studied styles;

No item went for naught.

They read the sporting page; they knew

Each athlete by name;

They read of baseball, football, golf;

Familiar with each game.

They looked the funny paper through;

They watched the mails to seize

The magazine they like the best,

Whose columns most did please.

But in their home there was a book

With pages never turned,

Whose message of truth and hope

Was still by them unlearned 

The Book that tells of Him who came

To earth that we might know

The beauty of a sinless life,

Lived here so long ago.


(From the bulletin of Westside Church of Christ, Salem, Indiana)

Guardian of Truth XL: 10 p. 13
May 16, 1996