The Facts of Death


In the nine wars and 198 years since 1775, there have been 667,286 American battle deaths.

In 1972 alone, 600,000 American babies were killed by abortion. More than a murder-a-minute for each of the 525,600 minutes of the year.

In 1972 alone, more babies were killed by “legal” abortion in California than were American service men killed in the Vietnam, Korean, Spanish, Mexican, 1812 and Revolutionary wars put together.

In war, the medical corps save lives. In abortion, the medical profession kills lives. Aborted babies get no Purple Hearts, no Taps, no Memorial Day.

Abortion techniques pull the living baby apart, cut him in pieces, or pickle him alive in a salt solution. But, no anesthesia is given to the baby. A horrible painful death!

If you are concerned about war – be more concerned about abortion.

– by Gilbert Durand, Via Pekin, Indiana Bulletin

November 24, 1974

Truth Magazine XIX: 8, p. 117
January 2, 1975