The Golden Rule

By Raymond E. Harris

Matthew 7:12 reads, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should to do you, do ye even so to them . . . . ” This verse expresses an attitude that has won for it the designation “The Golden Rule. ” Simply stated the principle is: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It is interesting how some try to set certain bounds or limits to what is obviously a universal principle. The attempts to exercise such exemptions or exclusions clearly manifest areas of rebellion and selfishness.

For instance it is not uncommon to hear someone say, “Yes, the Golden Rule is a noble principle but after all business is business.” It does not take a Solomon to perceive that anyone who would make such a statement is serving mammon and not God. Truly, the love of money is the root of all evil.

But let’s now move into another area where the Golden Rule is neglected. One such area is most assuredly the home. In some cases people treat total strangers with more understanding and kindness than they do their own companions, children or parents.

Invariably, when I see where a divorce suit has been filed, I immediately know that one or both parties involved violated the Golden Rule. Put another way, there would have never been a divorce in the history of the world, if all husbands and wives had always kept the Golden Rule.

Some feel there is no better definition for the word “love” than the Golden Rule. Truly, if we love God, our companions and all our fellow men as we should, we will do unto them as we would want them to do unto us.

To illustrate the application of the Golden Rule in marriage:

1. We should not criticize our companions in the presence of others.

2. We should not nag.

3. We should not stir jealousy by being flirtatious.

4. We should never do anything out of spite.

5. We should do everything possible to control our own selfishness.

Verily, we would a live happier lives if we could always remember, on all occasions, and, in all circumstances, to keep the golden rule!

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 9, p. 264
May 3, 1984