The Great Piltdown Hoax

By Roy E. Stephens

That all things came into existence by chance, is the doctrine. basically, of evolution. How the twisted intelligence of modern man can accept the doctrine is beyond belief. The electric light hanging from the ceiling was made by some ~intelligent being, but the evolutionist says the greatest light of all, the sun, came into existence by chance. The wax flower decorating the desk was made. but the evolutionist says the flower of the field came into being by chance. The brass instrument of the band was made, but the human voice, the greatest instrument of all, was an accident! The figurehead on the ship was made by some being with a mind, but the designer of the ship was an accident, without design and without law! We cannot accept such absurdities. Believers of the Bible cling to the testimony of Jesus, who was in the beginning with God Who said, “He which made (created) them at the beginning, made them male and female” (Matt. 19:4). Rev. 10:5-6 speaks of Him who “created the heaven and the earth and the things that there in are.

Go into museums over the country and see the evolutionist’s Story Of Life demonstrated in replicas, from the earliest forms of life (according to him) to his imagined later life forms demonstrated as the life forms changed from one form to another, through lizard, bird, animal and man. That his work is nothing but a hoax of anthropology and an adroit use, of plaster of Paris, is well known to all informed people. How tragic that the one million people who pass through the museum of Natural History in New York each year do not know of the evolutionist’s deceit.

Outstanding among the links which the evolutionist says tie man to the lower animals, through a process of mutation, are the Nebraska Man, the Neanderthal Man, and, at one time, the Piltdown Man. The untaught are led to believe that actual skeletal remains of these life forms were found, and placed in the museum. Not so! The case of the Piltdown Man, for, example, has been proven to be a hoax from beginning to end. For more than 40 years Piltdown Man was a member in more or less good standing with the society of “earliest humans,” rubbing mandibles with such distinguished, though lowbrow, company as Neanderthal Man, and others. The discovery that he was a humbug out and out, terminated his membership in December, 1953. Here is the story: Charles Dawson, of Piltdown Sussex, England, in 1912 brought a piece of a jaw bone and two molar teeth to an anthropologist with the observation, “it isn’t an animal, because its molars are flattened like human teeth.” So, Piltdown mail was constructed. Did Dawson find skeletal remains of a man? No. He found a piece of a jaw bone and two teeth!

The whole deceitful scheme was exposed in 1953. In 1956 Oxford University press published the Piltdown Forgery, pointing out that the jawbone found was that of an ape that had died 50 years before, and that Dawson had filed the two teeth down to disguise their original design and shape; both teeth and bone had ‘been artificially colored with bichromate of potash, to attain the appearance of antiquity. Readers Digest has reprinted the Piltdown Hoax and the writer has obtained copies of it. Here is the plainest of evidence that the evolutionist depends upon lies, misrepresentations, and deceit to sustain his theory. If the Piltdown Man is a hoax, how does anyone know that the other “links” in the chain of evolution are authentic? High school teachers need to know these facts. Elders and Bible teachers should acquaint members of the church with them. Readers Digest covered the entire forgery in their reprint. If you would like a free copy of the reprint, write me. Send 254 just to cover cost of mailing.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:34, p. 11
June 27, 1974