The Hypocrisy and Inconsistency of the Pro-abortion Position

By Steve Ellis

Wednesday, January 22, 1997, was the 24th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s most shameful and most despicable decision: the legalizing of infanticide in America. While millions of Americans mourned and voiced their opposition to the continuing wanton slaughter of some four thousand babies every day in this nation, others saw this anniversary as an occasion to affirm their support for this barbarity. For example, both the vice-president and the first lady appeared at a meeting of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (a pro-abortion organization) to praise and to encourage those who support this monstrous wickedness.

As expected, the vice-president harshly criticized those who have committed various acts of violence against baby-killing doctors and other abortion clinic personnel. While it is certainly appropriate for our leaders to condemn acts of violence against adults who choose to be involved in the murder of babies, they also should be condemning the vastly more numerous and far more horrible acts of violence being perpetrated against the babies! There is nothing that more forcefully demonstrates the undeniable hypocrisy and inconsistency of the pro-abortion position than for some-one of this persuasion to attempt to denounce violence and sound credible while so doing!

Is it not a despicable act of murderous violence to use a loop-shaped knife to slice a baby’s body to pieces? Is it not a despicable act of murderous violence to kill an innocent baby with forceps or salt poison or surgical scissors? All of these methods are routinely employed to murder over four thousand babies each day in our country. Why are the lives of these babies of so little value compared to the lives of other citizens?

Our society’s stubborn determination to be blind and inconsistent relative to ensuring the safety of children has also been well illustrated by the tremendous amount of attention given in recent months to the issue of the potential threat of air bags to small children riding in the front seats of automobiles. One recent news report stated that, while air bags save some 500 lives per year, by 1998 they could kill one child per week. This is without question a serious matter and worthy of attention, and people need to know about the potential danger and should be given the prerogative to legally disable the passenger-side air bag on their cars if they so choose. But in light of all the professed concern for the potential, accidental air bag-related deaths of up to 52 children per year by 1998, the dire lack of concern for the intentional brutal murder of over 4,000 children per day right now is made even more conspicuous!

It is not realistic to expect the major news networks or the vice-president or the first lady or any other part of the system of evil controlled by Satan to acknowledge these colossal ironies and inconsistencies. However, all of us who truly do value all human life and who truly do abhor all acts of violence and who truly are concerned for the safety of all of America’s children will continue to try to correct our nation’s warped sense of values. Those of us who truly respect God and his will for our lives should constantly pray that he will help our beloved country to recognize and to repent of the enormous evil and inconsistency of abortion, that she might soon cease this self-destruction.

Reprinted with permission from the Knight Arnold News, Knight Arnold Church of Christ.

Guardian of Truth XLI: 6 p. 5
March 20, 1997