“The Just Shall Live By Faith “

By Mike Willis

As editor of Truth “‘Magazine, I am delighted to present this special issue on the book of Romans. We have solicited some of the best students of God’s word among us to write a synopsis of the different chapters in the book of Romans in an attempt to give our readers the very best in religious journalism. We think that this special issue on Romans will be one which you will keep for special study in later years in your life. Some of you, no doubt, will want to order bundles of the paper to use in your classes each Lord’s day and on Wednesday night.

The book of Romans has been one area of the Scriptures which has been distorted by those associated with the grace-unity movement. They have sought to find unconditional grace for the believer — grace that is applied to the believer to cover his sins without repentance and prayer being necessary to receive it. They have thought that they have found the Calvinistic doctrine of the imputation of the perfect obedience of Christ to the believer’s account in the book of Romans. A study of this book is, therefore, especially relevant to the problems which are presently facing the Lord’s people.

It is my hope in the preparation of this material that it will be of use to God’s people in combating the errors which are among us. Too, it is desired that this material will serve as a positive presentation of the gospel. The proper understanding of salvation by grace through faith should serve to offset any perversions relative to the biblical study of this point. Hence, we think that this material will be doubly useful.

In the hope that it will be useful to you in the service of God, we commend it unto you. May God be glorified through the teaching that is done through these pages.

Truth Magazine XXIII: 1, p. 2
January 4, 1979