The Lost Bible

By Ronny E. Hinds

One Old Testament story that has always interested me is found in 2 Chronicles 34. It involves the finding of “the Book of the Law of the Lord given by Moses.” Obviously, it must have been lost! Implied in this is the carelessness and indifference of the people. They had allowed it to become lost.

We are exceedingly careful with the things we treasure and usually they do not get lost. Antiques, family heirlooms, old faded cards with loving messages inscribed, locks of baby’s hair, photographs of past generations, these are the items we pass from generation to generation with love and sentimentality. That is the way we are and that is the way it should be.

If that is the way we are with “this world’s goods,” then what should be our attitude toward God’s inspired book the Bible. The answer is simple. It should be treasured beyond all treasures. Never should we become so careless as to “lose it.”

In a world filled with Bibles, that would seem to be impossible. And, I guess that is right, physically – that is; we can always find a copy somewhere. Yet, what good does it do to hold a copy in our hands and fail to allow its words (teachings) to direct our lives. It might as well be lost!

A significant part of the story of 2 Chronicles is when they found it they “read it. ” An even more significant act was when the king “heard it” he realized the conduct of Israel and Judah was not acceptable to God and he set about to correct it. That is exactly what God’s words are designed to do. They are to be read, listened to, obeyed! They are to correct our false ways. They are to bring redemption and salvation to us.

We must learn from this that it does no good to have Bibles if we do not read them. They might as well be lost. And, it does no good to read them if we are not willing to do what they say. They might as well be lost. Living in a house with Bibles stacked to the ceiling will not change this. Is your Bible lost?

Guardian of Truth XXXIII: 11, p. 335
June 1, 1989