The Mind of a Preacher

By Garreth L. Clair

Oftentimes I wonder if my labors are not in vain. It seems that there are times when months of work seem wasted on dull ears. Perhaps sometimes I expect more from people than they are able to produce, or perhaps I am failing to present those truths as plainly and understandably as they should be presented. I am beset oftentimes by grieves over my apparent inability to communicate those truths which I feel are essential to spiritual growth. I know that men and women vary in their ability to grasp new this, but is this the crux of the problem? If this is the truth about which I am constantly submitted to worry, I would feel relieved to accept this explanation. But on the other hand, am I seeking an excuse for my own inability to accurately communicate that truth which I have seemingly grasped.

Then there are those who are surely contentious for reasons beyond my finite comprehension. These persons are perhaps of such an attitude because of something I have said or done; God only knows. I pray that I will not be a source of rebellion either through intent or through ignorance. I pray that my brethren might also feel this need to avoid unnecessary arrogance. I full well realize that there are some who are placed in the assembly through the workings of the Devil. In spite of this fact, I pray that I might be able to identify those sons of devils by truth which has been revealed by the Holy Spirit and not by imaginary or mental reason on my part; For I am fully persuaded that sometimes men are prone to conjure up problems which in reality do not exist but in their own mind. May God deliver me from such fancy.

I therefore pray that God might grant me reasonable intellect to find solutions to these problems which so grievously beset me. I will continue to do the very best that my mentality allows me to do, keeping in mind that I am a man of very few talents and perhaps even less understanding of men and God’s ways. Yet I am duty bound to teach the truth in the most honest and upright manner. May my brethren and sisters in Christ continue to bear with me and work with me as they realize these facts and numerous questions about their preacher.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XVI: 19, pp. 11-12
March 16, 1972