The New Testament Church In Russian

By┬áThomas G. O’Neal

When Roy Cogdill was in his twenties, he wrote The New Testament Church. At the time, little did he realize the far reaching effects for good it would have. It has been translated into about a dozen foreign languages. The American Braille Society has put it into braille. It has been through more than twenty editions over the last fifty years. It is still in great demand among churches of Christ for Bible classes. Many preachers have found it to be an excellent book of sermon outlines. This book has probably had a greater circulation among brethren than any other single book in this century!

I have been in recent contact with brother Phil Morgan of Paris, Kentucky, and brother Greg Gwin of Knoxville, Tennessee. They spent three weeks in Russia this past summer studying Russian. They were amazed at how open Russia is to gospel opportunities and the way the Russian people received them. In the three weeks they were there they baptized a lady, Lena Zakheim. The week-end of February 16, I was able to meet and visit with her and Greg Gwin in Knoxville.

As you read this letter, The New Testament Church is being translated into Russian by two individuals, one an American and one a Russian. Also, I have already had requests for copies of The New Testament Church in Russian from preachers planning on going to Russia this year.

The cost of translating and printing 5,000 copies of The New Testament Church is going to run about $1.60 per copy. These books will be given to the Russian people just like we would a tract in this country.

No greater investment could be made at this time in Russia except to distribute Bibles. Would you or the congregation where you worship make a one time investment in the cause of Christ in Russia by paying for some of these books? Ten would be $16; one hundred would be $160 and one thousand would be $1,600, While the door of opportunity is open we need to move quickly. May I hear from you with your commitment within the next few days? The translation work is being done, money is needed to pay for this as it is done. To each contributor a full accounting will be made. Any money received over the initial amount needed will be used to print additional books. May I hear from you at once? Everyone who reads this letter can do something. Several have already sent a check to pay for 10 copies. If you knew Roy Cogdill, you can honor his memory by helping circulate his book in Russia.

Guardian of Truth XXXVI: 8, p. 230
April 16, 1992