The Nigerian Appeals

By Johnson A. 0. Bakpar

(INTRODUCTION: I have corresponded with Brother Bakpar for several years; he is known to be a faithful man by Brother Jim Sasser of Rogersville, Ala. and other men who have worked in Nigeria. Several of us have inquired of requests for aid coming from that region; Brother Bakpar prepared the following article and asked me to get it published in an effort to stop some appeals from false brethren. It is slightly edited.-Ron Halbrook, 3536 Dickerson Rd., Nashville. TN. 37207

“Greetings from Midwest State Nigeria. Good brethren, some greedy Nigerian brethren regularly appeal for personal help to support their selfish end instead of for the Lord’ s work. Nigeria is a needy and fruitful land, but it must not be over-emphasized; every appeal should be checked out through someone who knows the region. We must be faithful in the use of the Lord’s money.

“I have received many letters from individuals and churches asking me about some brethren here writing to various places in America for help. One of the most notorious men doing this evil work is using these different names: Charles Onogwimoniya, Custom Esedekpae, Yade Eduwou. He claims to be a member and /or local preacher of the Enhwe church, but he lives at Sapele which is 62 miles away. He sometimes uses Brother H. Moore, 741 Adams, Apt. 404, Memphis, Tenn. 38105, as a reference, but Brother Moore is now aware of the fraud and does not recommend the man. I have personally warned this false brother, the church has, and he has been disfellowshipped. (I have a confirmatory letter from the Enhwe church to this effect. R.H.)

“Brother Bernard B. Okunu is the faithful preacher at Enhwe, whom I have aided and trained. He attends my Bible training class now in progress, is 40 years old, and has not got any support for the good job he is doing.

“The Nigerian work truly needs (1) means of transportation to reach the far ends of the country, the northern states of Nigeria, and (2) support for worthy men who have been trained for the work Christ died for. But churches in America must consult with faithful men and churches who are familiar with the Nigerian work before answering appeals for support of any kind. May the Lord bless the faithful saints.”

Truth Magazine, XVIII:36, p. 10
July 18, 1974