The Only Thing Worse Than . . .

By Larry Ray Hafley

a terrible war is a bad peace.

 division in truth is unity in error.

 fooling a fool is to be a fool’s fool.

 flying high is living low.


    • not having a Bible is having an unopened one.



    • sleeping in church is being awake in sin.


 fool’s gold is a fool with gold.

 a noisy sinner is a silent saint.

 love alone is hatred with company.

 a humble sinner is a proud saint.

 sin is rejoicing in it.

 a bold infidel is as cowardly Christian.

 being in debt is thinking you do not owe anyone any-thing.

 immodest apparel is feeling modest in it.

 being ignorant is having a bad education.

 an open mouth is a closed mind.

 rejecting a roomer is to receive a rumor.

Guardian of Truth XXXIX: 7 p. 15
April 6, 1995