The Preacher

By Forrest Morris

He paused and looked outside,
unaware of the time of day,
Patiently searching the scriptures
for what they had to say.

He knew the significance of study
and was confident that he would find
The truth of the Word imparted
for all of mankind.

He diligently examined each passage to
discern right from wrong.
The sun was slowly setting
as his day grew long.

His wife passed by the doorway
and he turned and looked her way.
She started to ask him to rest awhile,
but smiled and walked away.

She realized the importance of his
study and trusted him to stop when he could.
Sometimes he pushed himself too hard but,
 his reasons for doing so were good.
Oh, sometimes he was late for supper
and there were times he didn’t come at all.
But, she knew when it came down to it,
he answered to a much higher call.