The Testimony of The Seasons

By John R. Hurt

In the changing of every season we see powerful convincing testimony to the truthfulness of the Word of God. Note the reading of Genesis 8:22.

While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, And cold and heat, and summer and winter, And day and night, shall not cease.

As we see the splendor of spring, the burgeoning flowers, the green sprouts and the whole of nature come alive again, we know that God’s Word is true. Just as surely as the green sprouts grow into summers lush growth and each tender bud blooms into summer times radiant blossoms, we can rest confidently in the unshakable fact that the Bible speaks the truth. With the coming of fall and all the beautiful colors that make the hues of the greatest Italian artists pale in significance, the Word of God is authenticated. Then with the arriving of the harsh cold, the falling leaves, and the stark brown bareness of winter’s landscape, you may be assured of the indisputable fact that countless centuries shout and proclaim. While the earth remains it shall ever be so! The word of God is true!

In this tribute to the veracity of God, this miracle of his creation, do we not also see the answer to Job’s ancient question, “If a man dies will he yet live again” (Job 14:14)? Each year we witness God take the seemingly dead lifeless plants and revive again the germ of life within them.

In the explosion of new life that follows, all nature is robed in the brilliant splendor of the season. Surely then, it is but a small thing, for the creator of this vast universe to reach down to our narrow house beneath the earth and revive again the germ of life within the soul of man. Ah, the changing of the seasons.

Guardian of Truth XL: No. 22, p. 22
November 21, 1996