The Voice of God

By James Sanders

The voice of God what can be said of it? Multitudes have heard the Word of the Lord but few have heard His voice.

God prepared Moses to receive the Law by the voice of a trumpet which grew louder and louder with each note (Ex. 19:19). Every wandering thought was brought home; attention was fixed and the occasion solemnized. And then the Lord spoke in a peal of thunder. Such is the voice of God.

The Apostle John was likewise prepared to hear the Lord. There was the call of a great voice as of a trumpet (Rev. 1:10). John identified Him whom He heard as the Son of man. His voice was as the sound of many or rushing waters (verse 15). This is the description of the voice of God in Ezekiel 43: 2: “his voice was like a noise of many waters.” Daniel likened the voice of God to the voice of a multitude (Dan. 10:6).

When the Lord speaks He can and will make Himself heard to those who are afar off as well as to those who are near.

But the voice of God is not confined to one note. It may be like the terrifying surge of waters or the crash of thunder. But that same voice of God can be like a still small voice. Elijah so heard Him (I Kgs 19:12). The voice of God can thunder in terrifying and majestic rebuke; and the voice of God can soothe with the comfort of a mother over her hurt child.


Let the servants of the Lord take note. Those who speak as the oracles of God must rebuke and reprove in thunderous tones but let them also exhort with all longsuffering (2 Tim 4:2).

The Lord of hosts would have His spokesmen to cry a loud; spare not and lift up their voice like a trumpet (Isa. 58: 1). And the Lord of hosts would also have His spokesmen to comfort ye, comfort ye my people (Isa. 40: 1). Let the servants of the Lord be as their Master.

“Jack Christians”

It is possible that you may never have heard the expression titling this article. The other day while reading an article on the Mormon Church, mention was made of “Jack Mormons.” After reading the definition of a “Jack Mormon”, I decided that we had quite a few “Jack Christians” in the church. What is a Jack Mormon? The Mormons define him as cne who brays like an ass, but pulls no weight in the traces.

It seems to me that the church is filled with people who do a lot of braying, but little work Every Lords Day, at least one-half of the Christians in the world do not attend Bible Study. The work of each congregation has to be done by one-fourth of its members. Three fourths of the money contributed to support the Work is given by this same one-fourth of the members. So approximately three-fourths of the members say “Lord, Lord,” but do not Hi will. They sing “Oh, How I Love Jesus” and “I Love Thy Kingdom Lord,” but never put their shoulder to the wheel, or pull any weight in the traces. Their only “work” consists of their braying about bow much they love the Lord and His church!

Real Christians must work out their own salvation (Phil. 2:12), abound “in the work of the Lord” (I Cor. 15:58), “work the works of Him that hath sent me while it is day” (Jno. 9:4). I ask you dear brother or sister, are you doing these things? Are you busy with the Lords work? Is your braying equaled by your work? Or, are you one of the “Jack Christians with which the Lords Church is unfortunately so thickly populated?

June 15, 1972