The Wisdom Of Children

A little girl strolled into Bible class on Sun-day morning. Her hands were dirty, dress soiled, and there was a curious dirty ring around her mouth. Her teacher asked how she had gotten so dirty so early in the morning. She explained that on her way to Bible class a neighbor boy asked her to blow up his wading pool. She blew and blew until she had enough air to make the rubber wall stand up. The boy picked up the water hose and started filling the pool. The little girl then asked why he did not go to Bible class with her. He told her, “Because I am gonna play in my pool!” Then with her pretty blue eyes looking straight toward the teacher, the little girl said, “I pulled the stopper out of the air hole and let the air out so the pool would go down because if the little boy did not come to Bible class with me I did not want God to blame me for it.”

The Blythe Banner

Guardian of Truth XL: No. 20, p. 13
October 17, 1996