The Work of The Holy Spirit

By Mike Willis

We are delighted to publish this of special issue of Guardian of Truth on this important subject. In recent years, radio and television evangelists have spread their false teachings about the work of the Holy Spirit all over this country. They teach that the Holy Spirit continues to work miracles in the lives of men today. Tied to their “health and wealth gospel,” this doctrine states that God will heal the body of the sick saint, lead him to a better paying job, correct every family problem he had, and otherwise promises to make the Christian’s life a “heaven on earth.” In their desperation, many suffering Americans plant their “seed faith” by sending a contribution to the radio and TV evangelists, being deluded and deceived by their false doctrines.

Another tenet of the radio and TV evangelists is the doctrine that the Holy Spirit leads them separate and apart from the revealed word of God. The strong inclinations and feelings of the preacher are equated with the word of God. This teaching leads one away from God, causing one to identify as the voice of God his own subjective feelings. Whatever an individual thinks or feels about any subject becomes the voice of God. Every man becomes a law unto himself.

The spread of these false doctrines on the work of the Holy Spirit reminds us of the need to teach on the subject of the Holy Spirit. Another generation has reached physical maturity since I have been preaching. They need to be grounded in the same basic doctrines as every other generation. Consequently, this special issue has been prepared with the hope that it can serve to remind us of these fundamental truths about the work of the Holy Spirit.

O.C. Birdwell, Jr. and I worked together to plan this special issue of the paper. We intentionally planned to use those near Athens, Alabama, the home of the CEI Bookstore, to participate in producing this special issue. We appreciate the good work that is done by the faithful brethren in that area and wish to use this special issue to introduce many of them to Guardian of Truth.

It is our prayer that the Lord may use this special issue to ground us in the fundamentals of the faith, that Christians might be reminded that the Holy Spirit works through the revealed word of God in the conversion of the sinner and sanctification of the saint.

Guardian of Truth XXXV: 8, p. 226
April 18, 1991