Theistic Evolution

By John McCort

Some of our brethren are beginning to accept and teach theistic evolution. Theistic evolution is the theory that God created life, but that He chose to create man and the various species of animals through a process of gradual evolution. This dangerous theory is gaining more popularity than many brethren are willing to admit.

Many accept evolution because they have been brainwashed to think that evolution is a proven fact rather than an unsubstantiated hypothesis. Many are under the mistaken impression that scientists have proven that man has inhabited the earth for many millions of years. Theistic evolution is nothing more than an illegitimate, hybrid compromise between infidelity and faith. The offspring of this illicit union is modernism in its rankest form.

Biblical Consequences

Acceptance of theistic evolution leads to a modernistic view of the Bible. One would be required to deny that God spoke man into existence and that the world was created in six days. The creation of Eve out of the rib of Adam would have to be denied. The Scriptures also teach that God created the animals and that they were to reproduce offspring after their own “kind.” Again, another portion of the Bible must be rejected, if evolution is to be accepted.

Those who accept theistic evolution must adopt an allegorical or symbolic view of certain portions of the Bible. In order to keep from rejecting the Bible completely, many theistic evolutionists take an allegorical view toward the six day creation, the special creation of Eve, animals reproducing after their own kind, and many other features of the Bible which contradict evolution. This is the beginning of modernism. Pandora’s. box has been opened, leading the way to an allegorical view of the resurrection of Christ, His virgin birth, His miracles, Jonah and the sea monster, and all of the supernatural events in the Bible.

Theistic Evolution And Faith

The moral and spiritual effects of accepting theistic evolution are devastating. Thomas Huxley once said, “It is clear that the doctrine of Evolution is directly antagonistic to that of creation. As applied to the creation of the world as a whole, it is opposed to that of direct creative volition. Evolution, if consistently accepted, makes it impossible to believe the Bible.” (American Addresses, p. 10, quoted in the International Bible Encyclopedia, p. 1048-B). Charles Smith, former President of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, said, “The theory of evolution bankrupts the Bible . . . . If we descended from apes, we do not need a Savior . . . . If you accept evolution you must give up the Bible . . . . The theory of evolution is atheism; it substitutes the natural law for supernatural intelligence.” (Oliphant-Smith Debate, p. 112)

Moral Consequences

Acceptance of theistic evolution will ultimately lead to the acceptance of many immoral political and social philosophies. The most ignoble dictator mankind has ever known, Adolph Hitler, derived his basic political philosophies from the evolutionary theory. Hitler wanted to develop a “super-race” through “selective breeding.” He reasoned that all of the weak, crippled, retarded, and feeble needed to be exterminated because they would impede the development of his fabled “master-race.” This is an exponent of the survival of the fittest concept. Hitler’s diabolical career was the result of a life-long love affair with Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Mercy killing, selective breeding of human beings, and the killing of societies’ incapacitated are natural outgrowths of the evolutionary theory. Many people are now beginning to accept this social philosophy. Charles Smith said, “Weakness of mind and body are now transmitted to increasing numbers in each generation, when, Nature left alone, would weed them out.” He proposed that we just let the incapacitated die off like animals. He further states, “The crowning glory of evolution is to have shown how to improve the human stock-not by prayers to God; not even by education, but by selective breeding. “(Ibid, p. 76)

How long is it going to take us, brethren, to realize the spiritual crime we commit when we allow our children to accept this theory? How long are we going to allow them to be brainwashed while we meekly stand by? How many Hitlers will mankind have to produce before we take a stand? We hand our children the gun of spiritual suicide when we say nothing.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:28, p. 8
May 9,1974