Thinkin’ Out Loud: Various Thoughts About Various Things

By Lewis Willis

I have given considerable attention to relgious exercises that curse mankind. The unrestrained push to involve the church in the teaching and practice of error needs to be brought to man’s attention. Human religionist’s hypocrisy must be unmasked so that its power to decive is diminised. Consider the following:

The Other Face of Schuller

On January 2, 1983, I wrote an article that concerned, in part, the tax trouble of the Hour Of Power television program of Dr. Robert Schuller in Garden Grove, California. The California State Board of Equalization ruled that Schuller owed $400,000 in taxes because of his “Crystal Cathedral” was making “increasing use of church facilities for ostensibly commercial purposes . . .” (Guardian of Truth), 3-3-93, p. 153). Schuller was using his facility to present concerts by the Fifth Dimension, Roberta Peters, Tony Bennett, Mitch Miller, and others. Naturally, he charged admission. The state tax man said, “that’s a No No.” Back in January, Schuller protested the action of the state, but he said he intended to pay the tax. He could cry and little bit about being persecuted on one broadcast and raise millions, so $400,000 was nothing to be concerned about.

However, the Akron Beacon Journal (5-9-83), reports that Schuller has changed his mind, he “vowed to fight the decision . . . and warned it was ‘contrary to the future of churches in America.'” He said, “I will never allow the pulpit, the cross, the altar, the choir left to be taxed . . .” So the apostle of love and positive thinking has shown his true colors. He is ready to fight. He has been ripping off the businesses that produce concerts, and the taxpayers from whom he has fraudulently received tax exemption. He now intends to fight and he intends to make the Cross of Christ – instead of his money-making schemes, the focal point of the battle. Come on Schuller, a third grader can see through your deception.

Catholics Are Still Perverting The Gospel

In Galatians 1:6-9, Paul warned against corrupting the gospel of Christ. Revelation 22:18-19 is a prohibition against adding to or diminishing from the divine revelation. That is what the Scriptures teach. However, Catholicism does not respect the Scriptures. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops has been drafting a new “Pastoral Letter” which will become a part of the Dogma of Roman Catholicism. It is not a document about saving souls, perfecting the worship or world evangelism. This new Dogma demands a “freeze” on the production of nuclear weapons. It ranks right up there with “repent and be baptized . . . for the remission of sins” (Acts 2:38). That seems a good place to add “and freeze the testing, production and deployment of any nuclear weapon systems.” I just feel confident that God is terribly pleased with the work of these 285 well-intentioned Catholic Bishops. The Akron Beacon Journal (11-21-82) quoted Alabama Senator Jeremiah Denton as saying “they don’t understand military and international affairs and they ought to keep their noses out of it until they do.” But there is no restraining arrogant men who think themselves as wise as God. Therefore, the Roman Catholic church has joined the nuclear freeze movement and made their position a part of their doctrine!

Enter Dr. Jerry Falwell

In his broadcast (4-17-83), Falwell discussed the nuclear freeze movement in rather uncomplimentary terms. Jerry told his audience his belief in a strong America and that someone needs to champion the cause of fundamental patriotism in this country. He strongly opposes those who give in to the Soviet Union and demand a freeze on nuclear weapons. I guess his is opposed to the Roman Catholic church and, guess what, he has decided that he will the spokesman for those who oppose the freeze. He proposed to his audience that they join with him in waging battle against those who are against a strong America. He asked them to join with him in opposing the aims of the Soviet Union. After several minutes he finally got to his point. Naturally it’s gong to cost money to wage the battle against unAmericanism, but its worth the cost. He said all he needs is “a few million dollars” form his audience and he’ll do the job for all of us! This guy ought to change the name of his television program from the Old Time Gospel Hour, to the Watch Me Get Into Your Checkbook Hour.

With over $70 million a year coming into his religious empire, Falwell can refer to “a few million dollars” like ordinary folks might refer to a “few pinto beans.” If Falwell and the Catholics would ever study the word of God, they would not try to involve religion in such things.

Faith Healer Hypocrisy

For years the “leading lights” of the faith healing movement have called multitudes of people to them that they might be healed of all manner of diseases. Victim of cancer, diabetes, cataracts, deafness, etc., are only one “laying on of hands” away from their miracle cure. Jim Bakker and the PTL Club have been urging people to come and receive their miracle, making their contribution, and give their testimony of healing to a waiting world. My, I wish I could remember his side-kick’s name. It is Henry something or other – he is the guy who does the “Ed MacMahon introduction” as he introduces Bakker saying, “Here’s Jimm-m-m Bakker!” Anyway, I was watching a special report on the Cable News Network the other day about a new treatment called “cheleation therapy.” It is a treatment to clean out arteries and treat blood related diseases. There is a clinic down South that administers the treatment. You go there for a month and for $10,000 they’ll make you good as new. You’ll never imagine my shock when they introduced Bakker’s sidekick, Henry, as one of the folks who laid down his $10,000 to get his arteries washed out. Man, why didn’t he just have Jim lay hands on him and heal him. Surely he’s a believer! I was just thinking – most of us know why he went to the doctor instead of Bakker! The truth is rather obvious with these fellows “when the chips are down.” Hypocrisy is . . . .

‘Til next time . . .

Guardian of Truth XXVIII: 4, pp. 103-104
February 16, 1984