Thirty-Three Million Unborn

By Kenneth Sits

A couple of days ago, a “Right To Life” monthly pamphlet came across my desk with this tragic cartoon on the front cover. As a nation, we have had to tolerate legalized abortions for almost 22 years and for many, the test of time has produced the “numbing” effect of indifference and apathy. Many have given up the fight for the unborn, thinking it will be around forever, as long as God allows our nation to continue and they may very well be right. Yet, I just sat back and stared at this powerful cartoon, thinking, “33 mil-lion unborn babies, DEAD!!!”

As far as where God stands according to the Bible, the issue of abortion is a easy one to answer. The great preacher tells us in the book of Proverbs that there are actions that men perform which are abominable to him, even to the point where God hates them. One of them is mentioned in Proverbs 6:17 as, “Hands that shed innocent blood.” God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. How disgusting it is to see wicked people abuse others who cannot defend them-selves. For example, God hates the workings of the TV preachers who extract social security checks from the elderly with false dreams, promises and miracle cures. God hates the deceptions of men for the sake of personal gain. The abortion agency has become big business in America; including “Planned Parenthood,” the medical (killing) profession of nurses and doctors, the cosmetic and insulin industries seeking fetal and placental tissue and many political agencies sponsored through abortion monies. Satan has a firm foothold in America’s abortion killing fields and will never stop without a fight. To many in ’96, Satan has won the battle.

Then, I think about those innocent 33 million babies killed; that’s one life being extracted from the wombs of wicked women every three seconds. Every three seconds, another innocent baby pays the ultimate price for someone else’s sin. In the cartoon, there are two major differences in the children displayed. Two are above the ground and alive. Only two can run and play, spreading hope while the other 33 million are dead. Our society continues to forsake the value of life. Murder is up; Kavorkian is praised for preaching death with dignity and God must weep. Our lesson: don’t quit standing up for the truth. It’s not too late for America to return to Bible ethics. Continue to remember: 33 million unborn, murdered!

Guardian of Truth XLI: 3 p. 15
February 6, 1997