Tired of Tradition

By Morris Hafley

Everywhere I go worship is just the same.
Meeting AM and PM wearing the same old name.
Two songs, a prayer, and another song,
For years I’ve just gone along.

All this time following the old tradition,
I’m making a change in the churches’ condition.
At first I’ll mention it to just a few,
To get their pulse and see what they do.
I’ll tell the young my tho’ts and not the old.
Can’t go to too fast, or get too bold.
I know there’ll be problems I can tell,
But eventually I’ll make the sale.
Every service will be different, I can see it now.
With my great wisdom I’ll make a change, and how.
After the order of worship is changed,
I’ll show other things that need rearranged.

Why we could have a chorus and clapping of hands.
We’ve too many dead members sitting in the stands.
We could make our services come alive.
Just think of all the things we can contrive.

Changing of the name will take a little longer.
“Old Timer’s” defense will be loud and stronger.
We’ll just wait till they die or move away,
Then another Victory and we’ll shout “Hooray!”

I can see it now, and no one will recognize
With increase in attendance and our new building’s size.
Surely by the Lord we will have been blessed,
As we entertain ourselves into our heavenly rest.

And so it has been throughout the years.
Such attitudes cost Paul his many tears.
The number of souls lost no one can tell.
We must be watchmen too and save them from hell.

Why make a change just for change’s sake,
And to bind it makes our hearts to ache.
I must be careful not to push my opinion,
And end up in the devil’s dominion.

The Lord commanded “decent and in order,”
We’ve not been accused of being on sins’ border.
So why all the hassle we’d like to know
Confusion and trouble are the seeds you sow.

Why change the name of the church of the Lord?

Are we afraid of people or have we just gotten bored
With the name of the One who saved us from hell?
What started all this it is hard for me to tell?

Old Timers have used expedients our Lord to praise
So that on the Resurrection our souls He will raise
Then we can raise our voices and sing.
Where there will never be a desire to change a thing.