Trouble Ahead For Private Schools

By Donald P. Ames

For some time the moral trend of this nation has been a genuine source of concern for many. It looks as if that trend is going to get worse before it gets better – at least if the IRS has its way and if trends do not change. The Suburban Observer, published in Cicero, Illinois (Dec. 14, 1978), carried the following article:

Will There Be Quota For Homosexuals In Private Schools?

Under the proposed IRS guidelines to determine if certain tax-exempt private schools are “racially non-discriminatory,” discrimination on the basis of religion, sex and sexual preference (a euphemism for homosexuality) would still be allowed. Why? IRS spokesman Leon Levine says this is so because the “public policy” against racial discrimination is more “distinct” than in these other areas. Does this mean that once “public policy” is distinctly against discrimination on the basis of religion, sex and sexual preference that private schools, including religious schools, will lose or be denied a tax exemption if they indulge in any of these things? Another IRS source, who prefers anonymity, says: “You can count on it, yes.”

ERA, and other organizations seeking its promotion, has been moving this nation in the direction of freedom from moral restraint now for several years. Recent efforts to bar teachers in California from teaching and promoting homosexuality failed to pass because of the mass support given those seeking to give the move a bad name. But, if trends do not reverse soon, “public policy” will soon be dictating to private schools how many homosexuals they must accept to remain active. Then what? Churches?

Such activity is getting out of hand and borders on downright stupidity! But, if we do not speak up, we had better look out! God still calls it a sin, and those who practice shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Truth Magazine XXIII: 18, p. 312
May 10, 1979