Truth Magazine August 2020

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Monthly Columns

PRIDE GOES BEFORE DESTRUCTION by David Dann. This month, we asked David to select and assign the theme topics and to compose a related editorial. He focuses upon pride—a subtle tool of the devil that can easily destroy the Christian’s relationship with God.

“ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES” by Kyle Pope. Like the foundation of a building, “elementary principles” serve an essential purpose. However, they are not an end in themselves but a starting place for future growth.

TEACHING OUR CHILDREN: THE LAW OF THE LEARNING PROCESS (PART II) by Aleta Samford. Children become excited and feel empowered when they are part of the teaching process, which in turn will aid the learning process. It is so rewarding to hear groans of disappointment when the bell rings for class to end!

REFLECTIONS ON ROMANS: GOD’S SELECTION & RESHAPING A REMNANT by David Flatt. While we may know the overall history of God’s people, we may not accurately discern its meaning. Paul clarifies a misreading of Israel’s history and demonstrates how God’s selection and reshaping of Israel were just.

LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY by Robert Harkrider. Prayer is one of the greatest privileges of a Christian. Nevertheless, to be assured that God hears us, we must apply the Lord’s teaching regarding acceptable prayer.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS by Bobby Graham. A reader inquires, “How should I answer the radicals in “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA) when they protest eating meat?”

THE MOUNT OF OLIVES by Trent and Rebekah Dutton. The Mount of Olives served as an entry and exit point for Jerusalem, a cemetery for the Jewish faithful, and a quiet place for Christ to commune with His Father. The Old and New Testaments ascribe notable significance to this mountain.

Monthly Theme

The theme section of the MONTH issue of Truth Magazine focuses on the “Perils of Pride.”

WHAT IS THE ALLURE OF PRIDE? by Steven J. Wallace. Let us consider five fallacious ways that Satan entices men to manifest a spirit of arrogance and sinful pride.

PORTRAITS OF PRIDE by Jesse Flowers. Solomon warns us that “pride goes before destruction” (Prov. 16:18). This truth is powerfully illustrated in the lives of various individuals who serve as portraits of pride in the pages of Scripture.

PRIDE IN THE HOME by Shane Carrington. While arrogant pride divides and destroys families, humble thankfulness strengthens our families in time and toward eternity.

PRIDE AND THE LOCAL CHURCH by Heath Rogers. Just as pride leads to the downfall of individuals, Satan exploits pride in his efforts to destroy local congregations.

PRIDE AND PREACHERS by Bruce Reeves. While teachers of God’s word should be confident in the Scriptures and zealously proclaim Christ, they must do so with the attitude of Jesus (Phil. 2:5).

OVERCOMING PRIDE by Kevin Maxey. One of the worst characteristics of contemporary culture is the casual attitude many manifest toward worship; Jason calls us back to the biblical pattern.

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