Truth Magazine August 2021



Editorial: Paul’s Charge to Timothy

by Mark Mayberry

Synopsis: In considering the apostolic injunction to “Preach the Word,” let us reflect upon the character and conviction of one who proclaims the gospel message.

Meditations: Choosing Barabbas over Jesus

by Kyle Pope

Synopsis: The sad decision, by those present at the sentencing of Jesus, to choose a robber and insurrectionist over God in the flesh, unfortunately is oft repeated in the daily choices that individuals make today in choosing sin over the Savior.

Women’s Insights: Why Do Families Homeschool?

by Diana Dow

Synopsis: Parents have been given the responsibility of teaching their children. Much thought and prayer is required for them to make the best educational choices for their family.

Challenges: Progressivism in Entertainment

by Bruce Reeves

Synopsis: In considering the impact that the progressive movement has upon entertainment, let us realize that, ultimately, the battle is over the position Jesus Christ will occupy in our lives.

Praise: Examples of Mindfulness

by Matthew Bassford

Synopsis: Our worship must reveal thoughtfulness in the way we choose to worship, how we prepare for worship, and in the content of what we say.

Questions and Answers

Synopsis: Should someone attend with folks who teach error in order to teach them?

Archaeology: Jericho

by Trent and Rebekah Dutton

Synopsis: Jericho is one site you must visit while in Israel. It is critical to the Old Testament narrative and a prime location from which to view the Jordan Valley.

Monthly Theme: Preach the Word!

Article 1: The Power of the Word

by Steven Deaton

Synopsis: We must “preach the word” because the gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s power unto salvation. Doing anything else represents a failure to keep the divine charge.

Article 2: In Season and Out of Season

by Shane Carrington

Synopsis: As Jesus prepared Himself (both before and during His public ministry), preachers and teachers today must diligently do the same.

Article 3: Reproving and Rebuking

by Steve Reeves

Synopsis: The work of an evangelist requires courage to confront and rebuke error. He must also patiently use the word of God to reprove and convince the sinner of his need to repent and obey the Lord.

Article 4: The Need for Exhortation

by David McClister

Synopsis: Exhortation is strong encouragement to obey the gospel and be faithful to its inspired message.

Article 5: Preaching with Great Patience

by David Halbrook

Synopsis: Preaching requires patience, which refers to the state of remaining tranquil while awaiting an outcome or being able to bear up under provocation (BDAG).

Article 6: The Importance of Instruction

by Nathan L Morrison

Synopsis: A significant part of preaching involves offering instruction in righteousness. If sinners and saints are to know what they must do to please God, we must properly emphasize biblical instruction.