Truth Magazine February 2020

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EDITORIAL: The Mission of the Church, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Preserving the Conscience of the Young, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Teaching Children: The Principle of the Teaching Process (Part II), by Aleta Samford

DOCTRINE: Reflections on Romans: Faithless Idolaters and the Faithfulness of God, by David Flatt

THE CHURCH OF CHRIST: The Establishment of the Church, by Bruce Reeves

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: “Why did Jael give Sisera milk instead of water in Judges 4:19?” by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: The Stations of the Cross, by Barry Britnell


Article 1: Personal Observations, by Daniel H. King, Sr.

Article 2: Problems Pertaining to the Pattern, by David Dann

Article 3: The Past Is Prologue, by Steve Wolfgang

Article 4: Fissures and Fractures, by Ron Halbrook


In my Editorial for the February issue of Truth Magazine, I discuss “The Mission of the Church.” May we faithfully adhere to the pattern that Christ provided for the church, and not deviate from its divinely-assigned mission.

In his Meditations column, Kyle Pope suggests ways of “Preserving the Conscience of the Young.” A tender conscience is a vital tool in helping us faithfully serve the Lord. Parents must act wisely to help safeguard this precious asset in the hearts of our children.

In the Women’s Insights column, Aleta Samford continues her series on Teaching Children with “The Principle of the Teaching Process (Part II).” The teaching process is reflected in everything we do, and every law we implement, which are designed to help our children exercise their senses.

In the Doctrine column, which is devoted to Reflections on Romans, David Flatt focuses on “Faithless Idolaters and the Faithfulness of God.” He considers how both Gentiles and Jews had turned to idolatry and how God was still able to be faithful to His covenant (Rom. 1:18-3:31).

In the Church column, which highlights the distinctiveness of the Lord’s church as revealed in the pages of Sacred Scripture, Bruce Reeves addresses “The Establishment of the Church.” He reminds us that if one is saved at all, he is a member of Christ’s church; if he is a faithful member of the church, he is saved.

In the Questions and Answers column, Bobby L. Graham responds to a reader who asks, “Why did Jael give Sisera milk instead of water in Judges 4:19?”

In the Archaeology column, Barry Britnell examines “The Stations of the Cross.” When you take a closer look at the Via Dolorosa’s Stations of the Cross, you soon realize that they are not all scripturally accurate.

The Theme Section of the February issue of Truth Magazine deals with “The Dickson Discussion.” Brothers Kyle Pope and Doug Burleson engaged in a public discussion at the Freed-Hardeman University Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN, on November 15, 2019. Hundreds of brethren attended this event, many traveling considerable distances. The following articles, coupled with my editorial, offer analysis, commendation, and critique from several brethren who were in attendance.

Personal Observations, by Daniel H. King, Sr. While expressing gratitude for the brotherly spirit manifested in these discussions, Dan analyzes certain arguments that were advanced and offers a simpler biblical alternative.

Problems Pertaining to the Pattern, by David Dann. Differing approaches to establishing and applying scriptural authority lie at the root of divisions that exist among contemporary disciples regarding the collective work of the local church.

The Past Is Prologue, by Steve Wolfgang. The apostle Paul said, “Whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction . . .” Similarly, we learn valuable lessons from the struggles that earlier generations faced as they sought to restore the ancient order.

Fissures and Fractures, by Ron Halbrook. In offering historical reflections on the Burleson-Pope exchanges, Ron asks, “What shall we do?”

The completion of this issue has required considerable effort and energy, prayer and planning. We trust that readers will benefit from considering these good articles. If you have not yet subscribed to Truth Magazine, we encourage you to do so. The magazine is available as a printed monthly journal, and also accessible through a variety of digital platforms (Amazon Kindle, ePub and PDF versions, and your favorite web-browser).


Mark Mayberry, editor of Truth Magazine