Truth Magazine February 2024


EDITORIAL: Progressive Perverseness, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: Cliquishness, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: Elijah—God’s Chosen Vessel, by Bette Wolfgang

HIS MIND IN ME: The Contentment of Christ, by Bruce Reeves

FIRM FAITH IN A FALLEN WORLD: Through the Perfect Sacrifice of Christ, by Shane Carrington

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: “What is your opinion about instrumental music?” by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Barabbas, by Barry Britnell

BIBLE COUPLES: Adam and Eve—The Couple Who Lost Their Privileged Relationship, by Chris Reeves

EXPOSITIONS: Making a Strong Church Stronger, by Danny Linden

VOICES OF YOUTH: America’s Final Crossroads? by Ryan Dalton


#1: Progressive Christianity Today, by Steve Wolfgang

#2: Grace and Progressivism, by Bruce Reeves

#3: The Progressive’s Guide to Interpreting God’s Will, by Mark Roberts

#4A: The Lord’s Supper in Public Worship, by Tommy Peeler

#4B: Revisioning the Lord’s Supper, by Mark Mayberry

#5: The Progressive Woman and the Pulpit, by Joshua Welch

#6: The Progressive Influence, by Wiley Deason


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