Truth Magazine January 2021

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EDITORIAL: The Peril and Prevention of Pride

by Mark Mayberry

Synopsis: Kings and commoners, the nations of men, and even God’s people are frequently filled with pride only to be brought low. Contemporary culture shakes its fist in the face of God, but Psalm 2 reminds us that He will have the last laugh.

MEDITATIONS: “The Eyes of the LORD are on the Righteous”

by Kyle Pope

Synopsis: As Solomon wrestled with the meaning of life, modern-day disciples sometimes struggle with questions. Let us turn to God’s word for answers.

WOMEN’S INSIGHTS: The Rock of My Heart

by Sherelyn Mayberry

Synopsis: Matthew Bassford and Glenda Schales have combined their lyrical talents in producing a memorable and moving hymn. Sherelyn reflects upon Scriptures that undergird this song of praise.


by David Flatt

Synopsis: Nearing the end of the Roman epistle, Paul concludes his overall thesis and comments upon his future plans.

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: The Need for Reverence

by Matthew Bassford

Synopsis: With the start of a new year, we begin a new column that focuses upon principles of praise. As a faithful gospel preacher and gifted writer of spiritual hymns, Matthew is well qualified to guide us in this study. Welcome, brother!


by Bobby L. Graham

Synopsis: A reader asks, “Will animals exist in eternity on a reconstituted earth?”

ARCHAEOLOGY: Shining Light on Ancient Lamps

by Luke Chandler

Synopsis: Seeing ancient oil lamps helps us find greater meaning in Jesus’s teaching.


Reflections on Psalm 2: Introduction and Overview

by Evan and Marie Blackmore

Synopsis: As we sing, read, and pray from Psalm 2, we celebrate God’s triumph over His adversaries.

Reflections on Psalm 2: The Nations Rage

by Heath Rogers

Synopsis: Rebellious men defy divine authority, viewing Scripture as shackles. Insolence and insubordination will ultimately fail, while God’s word stands forever.

Reflections on Psalm 2: The Lord Responds

by Warren Berkley

Synopsis: God’s people can be confident that no enemy or enemies of God will ever defeat or destroy any purpose or plan of God.

Reflections on Psalm 2: The Son Rules

by Joe R. Price

Synopsis: The divine proclamation of God’s Son as His Anointed King prompts Christians to remain loyal to Christ when earthly rulers dishonor Him by denying His rule.

Reflections on Psalm 2: Reverence or Recompense

by Leon Mauldin

Synopsis: We each choose whether we will have a spirit of reverence and obedience to God’s Anointed or a spirit of rebellion and disobedience; God will judge us accordingly.

Reflections on Psalm 2: Christ, Our Refuge

by Curtis Pope

Synopsis: In this concluding article, Curtis contemplates our refuge in the Son (Ps. 2:12), comparing the city of refuge motif with the sanctuary we now have in Christ Jesus.